Sunday 24 June 2012

Garden Invader AGAIN!

Ok... grovel grovel... we haven't blogged for a whole MONTH!! Sorry!! We've got to let Rachel off the hook though - she had her viva exam for her PhD, so was working hard on that and didn't have time to study, AND sort lovely cats out with their collars, AND type up our blog posts too. Good news though - she passed her exam so now is pretty much a Dr! Hurrah!

What's that, Rachel? You're not a Dr of medicine? You can't save anyone's life? What's the point of that!! Hmm, Mrs PRETEND DOCTOR, well I suppose you ARE still qualified to type up our musings for us... (mutter mutter... Gillian McKeith... mutter mutter...)

So, last time but one we blogged, we mentioned the naughty black-and-white garden invader, AKA Bella, AKA cheeky monkey. And if you remember, we were worried that while we were away at the cat spa for a couple of weeks, she'd take over our garden... well, we were kind of right. Just take a look at this video from the week we were back! NO RESPECT!

Gosh, the youth of today! All that talking back she does!

And the worst of it is that we're off to the cat spa again today, and so god knows what'll have happened when we get back...