Friday 23 December 2011

Ay Carumba

Our good buddy, Rachel's brother Peter, has been travelling around North and South America since July. We missed him a lot, as he often came around to visit us and sometimes looked after us when Rachel and Pete went away. He sent us quite a few postcards while he was away which was nice, and emailed photos of the cats he met on his travels, which made us a bit jealous :-(

Anyway, this week he came back to the UK, just in time for Christmas. He came to see us straight off his flight from Mexico, and we think he was pretty pleased to see us. We hardly recognised him though as he had some kind of strange hairy growth on his face... we didn't mind much though, because he brought us presents! Typically Lila refused to play ball but I LOVE my new sombrero! I feel a bit like Puss In Boots, time for some swashbuckling!

Isn't it a pretty hat...

I tried on the green one too.

But I wasn't quite as sure about that one.

Geddit off me!!

But then, Rachel said that this the last blog before Christmas, probably, and a sombrero wasn't really very Christmassy. So she put this silly hat on me and I was sad :-( The sombreros are WAY better!

I'm so depressed.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sunday 18 December 2011

Christmas Outtakes

Mia got so excited about the Christmas decorations coming out last weekend, Rachel got a couple of silly photos of her... I know it's rare to get a silly photo of Mia (hmm...) so we thought you'd like to see them. Obviously, they both involve tongues.

First, posing with her new collar:

I'm actually testing the wind direction...

Second, getting a bit excited while playing with the Christmas pudding:

I'm actually concentrating VERY hard

Finally, this one doesn't involve tongues, but a bit of winking... Rachel's learned how to make a gif!!

Monday 12 December 2011

Christmas Prepurrations

Hooray! We've got our Christmas collars at last, yay yay yay!!

I've got a super cool pink snowflakes one, and Lila has a merry Christmas one. We did have our eyes on the Snowman and Reindeer collars, but they sold out! Boo!

It's not only us getting decorated for Christmas - Rachel has at last had some time away from the sewing machine to put some lights up:

Hm, these aren't energy saving. Won't somebody please think of the electricity bill?!

We don't have a giant tree in the house this year, which is a shame, as I had lots of fun with it last year. But there are still quite a few of the fun dangly round things to bat around the floor, although I was a bit wary of this Christmas pudding one...

Does anyone actually like Christmas pudding?

And last but most DEFINITELY not least, our stockings are up!! omg, they've even got our names on!! We're trying to think of what we'd like to find in them from Santa Claws on Christmas morning... I'm thinking,  a new mouse toy to play with, some more of the catnip drops from the Advent calendar, and a new scratching post, as ours is looking decidedly wonky. Lila wants a copy of The Economist Review of the Year and an iPad. I think I've got a better chance of getting my wishes, if I'm honest...

I'm sooooo excited!!!!! Are you?!

Thursday 8 December 2011

Helping (Part III)

Well, Rachel is still very busy - I don't think she's EVER gone so long without helping us blog! She's so busy that we haven't even got our Christmas collars yet. We're trying not to be annoying about it, but when we see all the collars being sent out to other cats, we do get a bit jealous! Already some of the ones that we liked the look of have sold out. Oh well, at least we've got an advent calendar!

Mia, that's CHEATING!!

So anyway, after Mia saw how good I was at being kind and supportive to Rachel the other week, she thought she would try a bit better to be a help rather than a hindrance. She was looking out for the perfect opportunity, and it finally came at the weekend when Rachel had been hunched over the sewing machine all day. She said she was so achey and sore and all she really wanted was for someone to run a bath for her so she could have a lovely soak.

Mia's eyes went all big and she said to me - now's my chance to be helpful! I wasn't sure how exactly she would accomplish this, seeing as she doesn't have any thumbs to turn the taps on, but she was insistent that she'd be really good at running the bath. Off she went, and sure enough, there came a noise from the bathroom. First I thought it was the pipes... but then realised it was something else. Rachel and Pete came to see what all the noise was and this is what we found.  Mia running the bath...