Saturday 30 April 2011

Mog's Togs: By Governmental Appointment

STOP THE PRESSES!  It's time for a blog-flash!

Do you remember back in February we sent Larry the new Downing Street cat a couple of collars as a "welcome to your new home" gift?  And got a thank you letter from the Prime Minister's office?  Well we thought that was the last of the matter, but Rachel did always wonder whether he had ever worn either of the collars.  And now, we know!

Last night Rachel found some press photos of Larry sporting a very fetching Union Jack bowtie in honour of the Royal Wedding (we think it's made from a paper napkin - how environmentally friendly of him!).  She figured it must have been attached to a collar, and eventually found this photo on a news blog, clearly showing that he's wearing his blue argyle pattern Mog's Togs collar!!


There are some more photos here.  Doesn't he look handsome in his collar!  We're all a-flutter at these photos; Rachel is unbelievably excited.  Even Pete couldn't hide how impressed he was!

P.S. Last week, newspapers here in the UK reported that Larry - brought in to rid the Prime Ministerial residence of rodents - caught his first mouse at last.  Perhaps his new collar gave him a confidence boost!

Saturday 23 April 2011

Snake, It's A Snake!

It's still really nice and sunny here, in fact it's been SO sunny it hasn't rained for ages. It's been so dry that Rachel has had to water the plants. She says that's just silly as it's April, it should be raining all the time.  We don't like it when she waters the garden as all the lovely dry sandy soil that we like to roll around in gets all muddy, ick.

Anyway it reminded me of when we first arrived here at Rachel and Pete's house last year, and we didn't know WHAT was going on with some of the funny things they did. The garden hose gave me quite a shock when I first saw it...

Rachel tried to video me with the hose again this spring, but it didn't work - I'm way more savvy and cool now! Hope you all have a great Easter!

Monday 18 April 2011


I can't remember whether we told you at the time, but back in February we were interviewed by Your Cat magazine, for a feature they were writing about blogging cats.  It was ever so exciting; well, Rachel and Mia were very excited; Pete and I feigned indifference.  We had nearly forgotten about it - but now the issue is out!  Look how excited Mia is to see the magazine!


We're FAMOUS!  I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before people are asking for our pawprints in the street.  We'll have to get disguises if we want to go out in public. We've already started thinking about it; I'm going to go demure and classy - I'll fit right in here in Surrey with a twinset and pearls.  Mia is going more for the "hide in plain sight" approach, *sigh*.


So anyway it's all very exciting.  We've scanned in the article so you can read it below (you can click on it to zoom).  I'm a bit disappointed with the photo of me, to be honest, I must speak to my agent about that.  It wasn't just us featured in the article - we're very happy to have met some new friends on the other blogs mentioned - you should go say hi to them too!  We were already big fans of Freya and Teego, and now we are adding Allotment Cats, Millou and the Feline Network to our Google Reader!


Tuesday 12 April 2011

Sunny Days Of Spring

Thought we had better get this post out before the sunny weather disappears!  We had a lovely girls-only weekend as Pete was away hitting a very small ball with a stick. It was so lovely and warm - actually we found the heat a bit of a shock and stayed inside, lounging on the cool tiles in the bathroom.

Rachel seemed to like it though, she put her shorts on and showed us her white legs (heehee) and then spent a lot of time putting more dirt into pots (we still don't understand this).  We meowed plaintively from the back door to try and make her come back inside so that Lila could sit on her and I could have my tummy tickled, but it didn't work, she was having too much fun out there.  So in the afternoon when it had cooled down a little and there was a bit more shade, we ventured out.

I found a great place to sit, amongst the wallflowers and daffodils. I discovered that if you find a big enough clump of daffodils, you can kind of lean your head gently on the stems without them breaking.  We found out the hard way that you aren't meant to break flower stems, we did that the other week when racing down the garden and got a bit of a telling off.  Whoops.  Anyway from this vantage point I was nicely shaded, but the soil was warm and dry, and best bit - I could jump out at Rachel and Lila as they walked down the path.  Yay!

Mia_hyacinth Mia_garden2

Lila found a nice sunny patch and rolled around in it.  She got her bumblebee collar absolutely filthy!


Then she checked out the little baby plants in this funny box thing.  Hang on, these were just pots of dirt last week?!  Aha, perhaps I am getting closer to understanding the whole dirt-in-pots thing now...


The box thing isn't looking quite as smart now; since on Sunday morning before Rachel got up, Lila jumped off the fence onto it and broke it!!  Rachel was really cross and said some sweary words while she was fixing it.  Heehee.  Lila thought she'd got away with it but the dusty pawprints showed one of us was the culprit, and I'm too scared to go up on the fence, so Rachel knew it was her!

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Pole-Dancing Cat

Heehee, I've got a new hobby... it keeps me fit and looking sleek, it's particularly good for toning up that upper body!  You should all give it a go!  I absolutely love it and best of all apparently I might be able to make some money from it?  So I might look into that.

The only problem is that I keep getting interrupted - I wouldn't mind, as Mia would certainly benefit from a few goes round the pole herself (little chubster), but I need all the practice I can get at the moment!  Anyway here's me on Monday showing Rachel my best moves.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Brand New Mog's Togs INVISIBILITABBY Collar!!

Do YOU have a seriously mischevious cat?  Are you fed up of him dragging home koi fish worth hundreds of pounds from your neighbour's pond?  Had enough of the constant complaints of him pooing all over freshly prepared flowerbeds and digging up prize carrots?  Does he break through other houses' catflaps and eat THEIR pet's food?  Terrorise the local songbirds?  Tease friendly doggies?  If you're at the end of your tether, we have got the perfect product for you.  No more constant apologising; no more forking out dosh on multiple bunches of flowers and water pistols, no more poop thrown over your fence...

Here at Mog's Togs Labs we have been working tirelessly to bring you this new state of the art INVISIBILITABBY collar, and today it is ready to be unveiled.  Inspired by Harry Potter, this collar will ensure your cat can't be blamed for any of these shenanigans any more.  No matter how much of a cheeky rascal he is, suddenly you'll be getting complimented on your cats magical transformation into a docile, sweet chap who is only ever seen in your house nowadays, sitting happily at the windowsill.

The INVISIBILITABBY collar is available in the full variety of Mog's Togs styles, but really that doesn't matter, for as soon as it's placed on your cat both it and your cat will shimmer and then -pop- disappear.  You can then leave him to get on with his naughty antics for up to 8 hours, after which the invisibility will wear off (after all, we don't want anyone losing their furry pal, do we).  It is then charged overnight in a regular USB socket and is ready to go again the next day.  It is available for the low, low price of just £5,995 and ONLY until MIDDAY TODAY (April 1st 2011).  We only have a few in stock, and expect them to sell out quickly, so you MUST ACT FAST, visit our Folksy or Etsy shops today!

Here are a few photos of the collars in use, taken during our product development phase.  We've pointed out the cats in the photos for you.