Wednesday 25 July 2012

Summer's Here!

We've had about two months of constant rain here in England, and not just unrelenting drizzle, but the kind of monsoon rain that makes you think you're in Mumbai or somewhere! We've been either stuck inside in the dry, or when we do venture out, we're likely to get caught in a downpour and just have to hope we can find somewhere we can sit and wait it out without getting too drenched.

But this weekend the sun came out and we remembered how fun it is to play outside! And Rachel remembered how fun it is to take lots of photos of us - she cleared about 30GB of photos and videos of us off the laptop in June so I think she's been a bit scared of filling it up again too fast...

But how can she resist Mia posing in front of the heuchera?

Unfortunately with all the rain the garden has got a bit overgrown...

The grass has been too wet to cut as well so there's plenty to play with... and munch!

My favourite place to hang out is under the washing line, the grass is always long there even when it does get cut, so it's a good place to hide and wait to ambush your portly tortie friend...

Hm where is she... This sun is lovely and warm... Always ready to ambush though... always alert... always ready to... yawn... pounce... al...ways...


Thursday 12 July 2012

Mog's Togs Friend - Pepper!

Pep in the Box!
It's been a while since we chatted to one of our Mog's Togs Friends, but hopefully it's worth the wait as today we have cute-as-a-button PEPPER to talk to! This little sweetheart belongs to Elli from heartstitch, maker of super cute things!

What's your name, how old are you, and where do you live?

My name is Pepper, and I are 1 and a halfs years olds.  I lives in Plymouth – there are lots of houses and humans and not much grass to eats, but loads of good climbing walls and hidey holes and I has made all the friends!

Who do you live with? What's the best and worst thing about living with them?

I lives with mah two humans - my mummy and daddy, and the other cat - Bracken.  The humans are nice – they gives the foods and the cuddles! They also lets me out to play and take away the nasties in the sand box.  The best thing about the humans is the foods – I is SO good at mewing and looking cute and almost every time they give me foods! The worst is when I do the cute face and there is no foods – I works hard to look this good!  

 Bracken is ok, I guess. She is ALWAYS grumpy and hisses at me when I sniff her – I just wants to be friends! Sometimes we sit together though, and has cat-chats, mostly when the humans is not around – we bond over how mad we are that we is not alloweds in their sleeping room.  Their bed is SO comfy! When they forgets to shut the door I sneaks in and has a nap, but Bracken’s a goody four paws and sits in her bed in the long room. I likes our cat-chats, but the worst is her purrs. Is SO noisy! She soundses like a bird cooing, and she purrs at nothings – the humans has to work hard for my purrs, but Bracken purrs if a human comes near her.  She mad.

What has been your greatest adventure / scariest moment?

The greatest adventures are when I gets to go outsides! I likes to go see my boyfriend Harry (he lives upstairs and has the bestest softest longest ginger furs).  He waits for me by the door flap and we rubs noses and we chases each other around the garden.  The humans tease me and makes silly noises like ‘ahhhhh’. Sometimes I even sneaks into Harrys house but his humans and his sister don’t like it when I do.  I don’t cares.  I are loving the warms – it makes all the weird buzzy things come out and I likes to chases them and catch them, and then I eats them.  The humans made a big fuss the other day when I ate a big furry buzzy thing, it was yellow and black… I think they calleds it a B? They was wafflings on about something called a sting and they mentioned the V-E-T. We do not like the V-E-T, he always pokeses us and prodses us, and sometimes he takes away mah claws and once he even stuck something in my neck! I don’t knows what they were worrieds about though, I feels fine!  I do like to eat a lot of things.  The humans says I has pika so is not my faults, but they get angry when I eats the ‘cables’ and the ‘sellotape’ and the ‘plastic’… I dunno - smells like foods to me, and feels nice on my teeths.  

The scariest time was when I was away from home for 5 days.  I got shut in somewhere, and there were some humans – but they weren’t nice humans like my two… They didn’t even gives me foods! My collar didn’t fits when I came homes and I’s a trim kitty as it is!  Daddy gave me a sniff when I came home and said I smelled like I had been with some naughty humans, and then mummy wouldn’t stop cuddlings me and didn’t lets me out for weeks! It made me very grumpy, but I had missed my nice humans – at least they feeds me!
Helping with the cutting and the sewing!
There was another scary time when I had found THE BEST place to play – the humans have this thing that they fill with water and lie down in that has a bit at the front that I can pulls open a bit, and underneath it is all the dusts and stuff and there is a hole! You can climbs down it and is all dark and funs, I thinks I saw a meece down there once! Only problem was, the humans closed the gap after me, and I was stuck down there.  I mewed and I meweds and I knew they could hear me cuz they were calling me, but silly humans don’t understands the mewings.  They were going to call out the fire people – they didn’t know about mah little hole under the water holder, but they worked it out eventually, even if maybes I did get a little losts (is hards in the dark!) they put some foods out by the water holder and I did sniffs my ways out. 

What would be your perfect day?

Only Daddy gets shoulder cuddles!
The perfects day… I woulds wake ups at 5am likes normals, but the humans would have let me sleep in their bed. And they wouldn’t have fidgeteds all night like usuals! And they would wakes ups then too and give me ALL the fussums – they don’t like 5am cuddles, they yell L  Then they would feeds me a mountain of tuna – I don’t gets to has it very often – only if the humans are hasing it, and fishy flavoured kitty kibbles? Forgets it – mummy says it smells bad L I would go see Harry, and play in his house – his humans gives him ALL the toys and he has two fancy sand boxes with doors and lids, (but his humans make him do one types of ‘business’ in one and the other types in another – poor Harry, I don’t let my humans decides wheres I do mine! I do mostlys go in the sandboxes though – and I has trained my human to go clean it immediately!)  Harrys humans also have some fancy tiny waterfall in their house that he drinks from – I just has a bowl. I wants a waterfall!  After a quick wash, we would go outside and play, and I’d probably catch some more buzzy things and eat them too – SO tastys! Then the humans would come out and feed me all the Dreamies, but they would be fishy Dreamies, though I do like the chicken ones I gets normallys.  Quick catnap, then more playing! Oh, and more tuna too! Then I would climbs up on daddy’s shoulder for evening cuddles, and then sleeps on the bed again when it is night time. *Purr*

Which is your favourite Mog's Togs collar?

Modelling her Daisy Parade!
Mummy gots me mah firsts Mog’s Togs collar the other day.  It’s not like the last ones.  Is soft. And it doesn’t hang like the last ones, it fitses so I can’t bites it off. I struggleds when the humans tried to put it on, but now is on is okay, I don’t really notices it.  Mummy says the human who made it made it special for me cuz I is so tiny.  When she says tiny I think what she means is ferocious.  Daddy says the best things comes in small packages though.  He’s my favourites.  My collar is super prettys, and none of my kitty friends has the same one – even Harry is jealousies and he has ALL the posh stuffs! I has the Daisy Parade one, but I hopes the humans get me more – I wants a different one for each day of the week!  Mummy says you can’t really see it anyway cuz mah fur is all thick but she is a silly mummy – Ima try to pose so she can sees it and then she will gets me more! 

Mummy promised me Dreamies if I typed this… If I no gets them Ima pee on the curtains again! 

I'm assured Pepper DID get Dreamies and the curtains remain unsullied - Ed. She's so cute, how about a few more photos for us all to coo over!

Massage time
Real men love cats!
Bye Fans!
If you'd like us to feature your cat as a Mog's Togs Friend, please have them answer the following questions, and send us the answers along with at least one good quality photo of them to (send more photos if you like!).

  1. What's your name, how old are you, and where do you live?
  2. Who do you live with? (Humans and other animals) What's the best and worst thing about living with them?
  3. What has been your greatest adventure / scariest moment?
  4. What would be your perfect day?
  5. Which is your favourite Mog's Togs collar?

We recommend payment of 5 Dreamies or Whiskas Temptations as reward for your cat, for submitting to such a rigorous interview.  If you have a blog or Folksy/Etsy etc shop of your own feel free to let Rachel know the link and we'll include it. We can't wait to hear from you!