Friday, 26 August 2011

Look Before You Leap

Oopsy daisy! I was up in Rachel and Pete's bedroom and I decided to go sit in the laundry basket on the soft (and slightly smelly...) clothes. It's a great place to sit and sleep while pretending to be thinking DEEPLY. As usual I jumped in off the bed but...


Oh no! There was nothing in there!! I went straight to the bottom, whoops, there wasn't even a pair of Pete's pants in there to break the fall ... What on earth possessed the humans to be quite so organised, it's very out of character for them. I hope they are feeling OK.

Now this may seem embarrassing - but it could have been worse - Lila nearly did the same thing ON THE COMPOST BIN the other day! She uses it as a way to get up onto the shed, and didn't notice that Rachel was doing some gardening and so had left the lid off. She teetered on the edge for a while, but just managed not to land in the potato peelings and rotten tomatoes... now that WOULD be humiliating!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Well hello strangers... today's blog post is mostly instructional - we are going to be giving you some top tips on successful lounging, as we've been doing a lot of this recently...

Lounging is not just sleeping - although it does obviously include it - it's an umbrella term which also incorporates dozing, resting, loafing, sprawling and chillaxing. Here Lila's showing the rarely seen "twist" move - back legs pointing to 12 o'clock; front to 3.


You may notice that she's stretched across most of the armchair - this is a high risk strategy. If you have a couple of real softies for owners like we do, you'll be left with the whole chair as your humans squish up elsewhere. However if your buddies are more pragmatic, you'll be turfed off entirely and left in a worse situation than if you'd just squeezed along the arm to start with.


Now which location is best for lounging? You may automatically assume it's a sofa, but that's not necessarily the case - as we've just heard, there's the chance of being usurped mid-nap, and you may start falling down one of the numerous cracks between cushions. A carpeted floor is an excellent alternative, especially if it's been freshly vacuumed...


Here Mia's napping on her back. This can surprise people when they see a cat sleeping this way for the first time, but be reassured, it's very comfortable. It can look a bit exhibitionist though, especially if your fur is a little sparse around the nipples, Lila...


If you do decide to lounge on the sofa, and someone joins you, don't worry. They can usually be used to enhance your relaxation in some creative way, as Mia illustrates here.


Alternatively they may just want to join you in a catnap.


Unfortunately like all good things, a long lounging session must come end at some point. The only way to finish up, if you want to really be awake and alert for your next spell of relaxation, is a


Enjoy your lounging, kitties!! If you've got any questions about how to make the most of your downtime, just ask us in the comments. We're always happy to help fellow felines!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Evil Whisker No More

STOP THE PRESSES! Lila here - with some BREAKING NEWS! Remember a couple of months ago I exclusively broke the news of Mia's Evil Whisker? Well, today I can bring you a major update on this story. At some point between 11pm last night and 8am this morning, the Evil Whisker DISAPPEARED. Rachel and Pete had been marvelling yesterday evening at how long it had got, and then this morning - it's nowhere to be seen.


Mia is back to her 100% good, innocent self again! And best of all, her current whiskers look to all be pointing straight and true, so hopefully the reign of terror is over for now.


The Evil Whisker did have one last feeble attempt at an evil deed before it fell out though - it made Mia do a tiny little poo on the living room carpet overnight. The horror!!

PS Did you think there'd be a photo of the poo? You did, didn't you...

PPS Just so you know, NONE of our breaking news stories come from private detectives or phone hacking. But we do utilise listening at closed doors and sitting on laps pretending to be asleep while phone or Skype conversations are happening. We don't miss ANYTHING.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Tunnel

Hey look at our new toy!! Rachel went to a big pet show and bought it for us. Pete rolled his eyes and said it would take up the whole room... but who cares what he thinks, we rule the roost around here!

We weren't actually that impressed with it to start with, but then Rachel undid the buttons and it popped out and OMG it was an ENORMOUS TUNNEL and made a FABULOUS CRINKLY SOUND! And it had HOLES in it to jump through and DANGLY things to bite and play with. I got so very over excited about it... my eyes went very big and round and eventually it had to be put away :-( But before it got put away we had so much fun, well I had lots of fun and even Lila had a peek inside. Which surprised me, as you'll see in this video...