Tuesday 26 July 2011

Cat Lookalike Part III

I've got another lookalike for you! I had read the Financial Times cover to cover last Friday morning; and was looking for something else to peruse. I would usually go straight onto the Times, but what with all the phone-hacking shenanigans I'm currently reviewing my daily reading material, and haven't yet found a replacement for the News International titles.

So instead I picked up a Metro - it's a free paper - and after leafing through the latest B-list celebrity gossip, what did I see staring back at me on page 17? Mia!!


Oh no, wait, it's a baby Slender Loris, waiting for a health check at London Zoo. Cute! Looks just like our Mia with its big round eyes and stripey nose. I wonder if the zoo would be interested in taking our naughty tortie as a temporary exhibit?!


Oh I'm only joking, don't worry. What would we do without her around the house? Things would be pretty boring I tell you!

Sunday 17 July 2011


It's been a while since we've had a Box to play with. This latest one came with a new move-cat-hair-around-the-floor machine; although as an aside, we were very disappointed to see that this machine is more of an actually-sucks-hair-up-quite-effectively machine, which is a bit rubbish. We shall obviously have to double our rolling on the floor efforts to ensure the carpet is always adequately coated with fur.

Anyway ... so this Box appeared in the lounge, and it's really an excellent box. It's just the right size for ONE cat to sleep in.


Mia, it's PLENTY big enough for one cat. There's no need to be so overdramatic!


There are these handy holes to poke the sleeping cat through, if you happen to be the cat NOT sleeping in the box.


They're good for peeping through too.

Boxthree4 Boxthree5
There's a flippy lid which you can crawl under, or dash through. You can also get a human to shut the lid on you, and then wait for a while and then BURST out of it at an opportune moment when the other human walks past. That's great fun!


And also quite tasty! Nothing like a bit of extra roughage in the diet. Nom nom.


So all in all, this is a great box. Probably the best of the three featured so far on our blog; although the really huge box back in February was fun, its size meant we didn't get to play with it for long. This box has already been around a couple of weeks and shows no sign of going anywhere yet. Hooray!

Friday 8 July 2011

Lovely Lila

Hey there, remember me?! Your friendly, slightly cynical, blogging black cat? It's not just Mia who lives around here you know. But it does seem that pretty much every blog post recently has been about the little tortie. Yes I know she's cute, and photogenic, but there are lots of nice shots of me around too!! Plus, I've been a bit depressed this week, I don't know why, I've just been moping about a little. But now I'm back to my normal self, hooray, so it's time to redress the balance and have a Lila-centric post!

Here I am curled up on Rachel's lap. I'm really good at cuddling, much better than Mia, who's easily distracted and will give an unsuspecting human a kick in the gut as she bounces off to investigate whatever's caught her interest.


My next favourite thing to do is squirming around on the floor, showing my belly. It isn't quite as floofy as Mia's though, and you WILL lose your fingers if you tickle my tummy; although I very occasionally let Rachel & Pete have a gentle stomach stroke.


Here I'm sitting on the bedroom windowsill, thinking about things. I'm often to be found by windows, trying to work out if there's any way out. I have jumped out of this window recently, I skidded off the bay window roof below and landed on the car. Gave Rachel quite a shock, I tell you...


Ahh, enjoying the garden. I love it out there and wish we were allowed outside all the time, not just in the day. This particular flower is my greatest foe, my sworn enemy. Oh wait, I mean my sworn anemone.


So there you go, some nice photos of me and I hope you've got to know me better. I'm not all sarky comments and put downs you know!


HEY, who put that one in?! Good job I'm feeling happy again...  grrr...

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Personalised Cat Collars (Again!)

Would your cat like a cool new collar with their name on it? Of course they would!! Unless perhaps their name is Flight Lieutenant Floofy McTinkerbell in which case it probably won't all fit...  Well, anyway, now they can have one, if you order by Sunday July 10th, as Mog's Togs is doing a second run of personalised collars!    Sorry you've missed the deadline this time - but note that these collars are on sale again in our shop here until October 15th 2011.

Here are some pics of the last batch that Rachel made.


They are sewn from 100% cotton fabric, with the name and cat motif professionally printed. As well as the blue, green and purple colourways above, they also come in pink with white writing like Mollie's one below. They all have our usual safety breakaway buckles and come in a standard length of approximately 20-30cm; but if you need a smaller or larger collar; let us know!


But wait - here are the important details! If you want to order, please email, giving details of the name, letter case (all lower, all upper, or mixed) and the colour you want. The collars cost £5.95 each, and P&P within the UK is £1.50, which covers any number of collars. If you're outside the UK, please contact Rachel to find out how much P&P will be and for a total in your currency. If you have sent a photo of your cat for a 20% discount, you can't use it on these collars, sorry about that. Payment must be made by Paypal by Sunday 10th July, once you've emailed Rachel she'll send a paypal invoice to you. If you don't have Paypal and are in the UK, you can pay by immediate bank transfer. 

The most important thing to know is that you may have to wait a few weeks for your collar to be posted out to you, as the fabric has to be printed in the US and then shipped back over the Atlantic so Rachel can sew it up. The more people who order collars, the quicker delivery will be, as it becomes cost effective to use FedEx delivery from the US which is super quick! So please share this page with all your cat loving friends!! Once the fabric has been ordered Rachel will update you on estimated delivery time.
Look at us, looking snazzy in our collars!

Cathat2 Cathat3
And our friends Bodkin, Stitch and Annie wearing some of the last batch - don't they look lovely!

Bodkin Annie Stitch

Saturday 2 July 2011

Pathetic Meows

Just a very quick blog today, to share a video that Rachel put on our Facebook page (you should totally go over there and like it, if you haven't already - lots more photos and videos of us and other cats!).
Rachel wasn't at work today, instead she was hard at work upstairs, sewing lovely new collars. She had the window open, and I was up there with her, just hanging out, looking over the garden. Mia was out there pottering about, when she saw me on the windowsill. I knew she'd want to come inside and chillax with us, but instead of coming inside, she climbed on top of the bins which were under the window, and just sat and meowed pitifully at Rachel, even though the cat flap was JUST there!! Pathetic!

Rachel says that in the interests of fairness, I have to add that I do meow a bit pathetically sometimes, but only when I don't know where everyone is - like if Rachel and Pete go out of the room when I'm in the litter tray. Then I do a meow which may sound pathetic to the untrained ear, but as soon as they call out, I go find them. I don't sit there waiting to be attended to like SOME kitties! Dear me!