Friday 26 November 2010

Economic Cat-astrophe?

I know you all think that I'm just the silly baby cat of the household, and it's true, in a way. There's nothing I like better than rolling around on the carpet like a kitten; unless it's chasing a bit of wool, or making squeaky noises at a fly.  Yay!!  BUT there is more to me than this!  Well, I think there could be anyway.
So I heard there was a recession happening, I'm not really sure what that is, but it sounds tasty.  Plus, our human Pete has got a new job which is something to do with eek-onomics; I thought that that meant he was doing something with mice, but apparently it's more important than that.  Anyway, he's reading a book about it, so I thought I'd get stuck in too, and try and make myself a bit more cleverer.  It's very interesting actually, particularly the bit about how the British government sold off the 3G mobile network to make 30 billion pounds!  We tried to tell Rachel about that bit, but she kind of glazed over, and I think she thought I just wanted more dinner.  (Well, I did, but that's not the point).
I think this whole reading thing could really be good for broadening my horizons, I might try Vince Cable's book next.  The only problem is, I read much faster than Pete does, but I have to wait for him to turn the pages due to my lack of opposable thumbs.  That's when I get distracted by something; a speck of dust, or the corner of a photo frame, or my own tail, and I forget all about quantitative easing and go racing around the lounge instead... WHEEEEEEE!

Saturday 20 November 2010

Spot The Cat Contest

Can you see me in this photo?
I'm cleverly hiding from Rach and Pete.  I am having to do this kind of thing every night at the moment...
The usual course of events is as follows.  Mia and I are perfectly happy, cosily snuggling on the big bed for most of the evening, and then the humans decide it's time for bed and turf us out downstairs.  It's really not an appropriate snoozing environment down there.  In the living room there are only 2 sofas, a hammocky chair, several cushions, 2 fleece blankets, and a designated cat sleeping shelf with a comfy bed - how on earth are we supposed to sleep adequately?  The big bed really is the best place to catch some ZZZ's and even better with the humans in it as it's much warmer that way.
Anyway, I have to resort to silliness like this at bedtime; hiding in the wardrobe, or under the duvet, just to try and get the point across that our current sleeping arrangements are unacceptable.  They aren't getting the message though.  Mia's no help - one shake of the treat box and she's away like a shot downstairs, what a floozy.  So much for intra-species loyalty.
Sometimes I like to pretend that they've won, and I'm going downstairs, but then at the last minute, when their guard is down, I sneak back through their legs and take up residence on the bed again.  They always get me in the end though - usually they try and roll me up in the cosy blanket, like they do when it's worming pill time, and that always has me straight downstairs.  I MUST build up my defences to this kind of attack, though.  I know I'm wearing them down, every day it takes them a little longer to get me out.  One day they'll give up and let us stay, I just know it.

Tuesday 16 November 2010


Ooh, busy weekend. The study had got all messy and so Rachel had to tidy up. It's where she makes the collars, so there's lots of fun stuff to play with.  I decided to pitch in and help organise the webbing and ribbon, I think I was pretty helpful, to be honest.
You can just about see my collar in one of the photos, it's got pumpkins on for Halloween - bit out of date now - but Rachel says it is too early to have our Christmas collars. But, I know some other cats have already got their Christmas collars, because she's been sending them out to their owners! It's so unfair!! I WANT MINE NOW!!

Friday 12 November 2010

A Place To Rest

Urgh. The weather's been simply atrocious recently. High winds, pelting rain, it's enough to drive even the most hardened adventurer inside. I got blown over while trying to attend to the call of nature in the flowerbed, most inelegant, so have retreated back to the litter tray for now.  I know the humans are enjoying all the extra presents we're leaving for them at the moment so that's one bonus at least.
It's important to find a good, cosy place to hunker down when it's like this. Recently I've been enjoying this "Ikea" bag. It's great - roomy enough for two (not that I'd ever deign to share my chosen sleeping spot with Mia), quite insulating, and makes a good crinkly noise when you stretch.  Lovely. I highly recommend you try to obtain one too; although it may be difficult - I believe they are quite rare, and certainly extremely expensive. Only the best for us, naturellement.

Tuesday 9 November 2010


What an exciting weekend!  I got to play in a box! All by myself, cos Lila was too grownup to play.  YAY!! It tasted good too, nom nom.
There were loads of bangs outside on Friday and Saturday night, we didn’t mind though. The flashy lights were sooooo pretty and sparkly, I sat on the windowsill and watched them for aaages. Hope they do it again next week…
Now it’s Sunday evening, so as usual our human Pete is ironing his shirts, so as usual I’ll go help him in my own special way…

Saturday 6 November 2010

Furry Bits

Bonjour, Mia here again. As for Lila “countering” my supposed immaturity (so what if I like to have fun?), well I shall counter THAT with this photo of her napping in a rather undignified pose.  She’s right by the window too!  Anyone could see her!  OMG!  I’d never have my furry bits on display like that!  (ok, I would, but not so brazenly…)
That reminds me, I haven’t checked what’s happening outside for at least 17 seconds. Must go sit on windowsill again RIGHTNOW.  Seeya!  *boing*

Thursday 4 November 2010


Hello, followers. I am Lila, the more grown up of the Mog’s Togs mogs, as you can tell by my solemn face here in this photo. I shall be countering Mia’s flippant, immature LOLcat-type remarks with some more serious - some might say cynical - commentary. Thus is life; ever the dark with the light. Adios, friends.

Tuesday 2 November 2010


Hiya, Mia here from Mog’s Togs, just trying to get a hang of this blog thing.  IT’S SO EXCITING!!!!  It’s almost as exciting as an elastic band!  Ooh, an elastic band, where is it? where? where?!!