Monday 30 May 2011

Mia and her Tongue

Remember last week I was telling you how worried I was because I thought Mia's wonky whisker had made her unusually evil and cunning? And that she was probably busy planning all kinds of naughty tricks?

Well, having seen this video of her that Rachel took, I take it all back. There is no way Mia has the brain cells for planning anything at all, evil or otherwise. The wonky whisker is just that, a whisker.

Make sure you watch closely - this video is onlya quick one!! Mia was in the middle of washing her paws when she got distracted... bless her!!

Thursday 26 May 2011

Evil Whisker!

Beloved blog readers, you've known us for a little while now, haven't you; you've seen lots of photos of us, and read lots of stories about us, especially cute little Mia. You think you know us well, don't you. You think I'm the only cat here with the cunning and brain power to plan mischief and naughty deeds. You don't think there could possibly be anything bad about sweet, roly-poly, adorable Mia. But you'd be wrong in thinking that, my friends. Because she has an EVIL WHISKER!!! How do we know it's evil? It points the opposite way to all her other whiskers, that's how we know (duh!).


I'm not sure if she is going to take advantage of this while it lasts, perhaps she could take a part as a James Bond baddie in the next film?


Humph, I thought I was cast in the role of villian around here. Maybe she's going to become a little chav cat instead. Look at her flipping the (rather furry) bird here! How rude!


Actually I think the whisker's malevolent force has already permeated her brain - I caught her the other day trying to bump off Rachel and Pete by tripping them down the stairs! Look how she's managed to sit on the one step that you can't really see from around the corner on the landing, and how she's spread out so there's barely a spare inch to tread on.


And lets zoom in here. Look at the whisker! You can almost see it vibrating, and glowing, with the evilness of her deed!


Luckily I managed to chase her away before anyone was hurt... this time! Ooh it makes all the fur along my spine stand up on end, I'm going to have to watch my back. Hopefully it'll fall out soon and then she'll go back to being the lovely sweet clumsy overgrown kitten we all know and love, and I can reclaim my rightful role as Chief of Mischief of this household.

Friday 20 May 2011

An Anniversary!

Exciting times -  on Tuesday it was one whole year since we came to live with Rachel and Pete! Look at us when we first arrived, when we were Delilah and Pumpkin - weren't we teeny weeny?


I was ever so skinny; Mia was too but her fluffy fur hid it well (or that's what she says anyway...). Anyway, look at us now! Even I look a little portly! Hmph.


It's not just our looks and weight that have changed, you know. When we first arrived here, I preferred to sit on my own most of the time, and let Mia get all the attention, but now I like nothing more than a long evening spent lounging on a warm lap. I'll even join in with games, as long as they don't make me look too silly. Mia was the reverse, she didn't like to let the humans out of her sight, but now she's quite happy exploring the garden on her own. She still acts like an overgrown kitten though, I'm not sure that'll ever change...
I know you've seen a few videos of us over the past 6 months or so, but here's a couple of minutes of clips of us covering the past year, from Day 1 to Day 365. I know you'll be disappointed that it's mostly clips of Mia; what can I say. It's just good sense to avoid the video camera - you never know WHEN these recordings are going to come back to haunt you (yes I'm talking to you David Hasselhoff, Paris Hilton et al ...). Plus, Mia is REALLY good at jumping, look at her go! Anyway - enjoy it.

Sunday 15 May 2011

A Terrifying Monster

Mia here, and I'm feeling very brave. I have been battling a scary armoured monster in the garden! It was really awful but I had to protect Lila and Rachel. Of course Rachel could have beaten the monster pretty easily but she just sat there videoing me, typical!

Eventually she did remove the monster, which was good, as I was getting pretty tired of battling. So as everything was now safe and secure, I went inside and had a sleep. Zzzzz...


Friday 6 May 2011

Kitty Climbing Frame

We've had to endure quite a lot of disruption these past few weeks, humph.  Rachel and Pete have been decorating their bedroom, so we got shut downstairs for a couple of weekends on the trot - apparently "gloss paint and cat hair don't mix" - whatever!

The first bit was fun - moving the furniture, so we got to sniff some hidden corners (cue a lot of sneezing from both humans and cats...).  However it went downhill when the humans started destroying the wardrobe; one of our favourite perches (you can see it in this blog post).  It had these great cubby holes to lie in wait, and there was also enough room on the very top for me too, if I jumped up via a bedside table and the door (this is another thing Mia can't quite manage).  So we were pretty gutted; but the next weekend when we were allowed back upstairs again, we found that Rachel and Pete had built us a new climbing frame!  It's so much better than the old one - let me show you.

Mia checking out the drawers - these are excellent as there is just enough room to squeeze in on top of the clothes, even when they're shut.  Now no item of clothing is safe from being enhanced by a layer of our hair.


Mia investigates inside.  This gap isn't quite big enough for a kitty - even a svelte one like me.


Even I checked out the opportunities for mischief - obviously keeping my serious face on at all times.  Plenty of room for me in here!


Here I'm noticing that these Ikea wardrobes are surprisingly good quality for the price.  But look - Rachel's been shopping at Primark again - I've told her there are more ethical stores.  I'm so disappointed in her.


And finally, you know that "fact" that a cat won't go into anything they can't get out of?  Well here's proof that isn't true.  Mia got in this wire basket, but couldn't get out again without Pete opening it for her... silly baby cat!


Sunday 1 May 2011

Happy Birthday To Us!

Well, it was a big day yesterday - millions of people had been anticipating it for months. There were street parties across the country, 24 hour TV coverage with news anchors arriving from networks all over the world. Yes, it was our Official Birthday! (We are keeping our real birthdays a closely guarded secret). Lila was turning 3, and I was turning 2. I'm a big girl now! Perhaps Rachel and Pete will stop calling me Baby Cat now I'm a whole two years old?

We did think we might have a big day of celebrations with a constant stream of guests, a ton of presents, and maybe a tiered cake, but it was fairly low-key and in fact the humans' attention appeared to be somewhere else, humph.

We did get some really delicious special food though, which Rachel let us eat straight out of the can as a treat (well, Lila claims she was just too tired to wash up our bowls, but I don't believe that).  One of the tins had whole tiger prawns in, mmm! We had some party hats too, but to be honest we weren't that fussed about that. Here's a photo of me looking unimpressed.


But at least I wore it, Lila refused to have it on her head and pretty much set about eating it. However the birthday did start looking up as Rachel presented us with our presents: collars with our names on! Lila's was really bright, lime green to go with her black fur. Her she is wearing it while having a wash. We were getting ready for a Girls Night Out! But the catflap locked at dusk as usual, so it ended up as a Night On The (Bathroom) Tiles. Boo.


My collar was purple which is my new favourite colour. I thought there might be a spare prawn in the top of the birthday hat...


We do like our new collars. Rachel also made some for our cat friends Oz and Mollie - theirs were blue and pink.


If you like our special collars, you can have one of your own (with your name on, of course...)! If you'd like one, you need to let Rachel know by Monday (May 2nd) at the latest, as she'll be ordering the fabric that evening (British time!). You'll have to wait a couple of weeks to get your paws on them, as the fabric comes from America, but it'll be worth it, I promise!! For more information including cost see here on the Mog's Togs Facebook page and you can email Rachel at

PS We didn't get a birthday gift from you - not even a card! Sniff, sniff. Well, go put it in the diary for next year then, go on!