Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mog's Togs' Friend: Doug

This week's Mog's Togs' Friend is Doug. He got his servant - talented seamstress Naomi of Lady Lemur's Awesome Emporium - to act as scribe for him...

Doug having his breakfast... is that a milk moustache?!
What's your name, how old are you, and where do you live?

Doug, 18 months, South London. 

Who do you live with? What's the best and worst thing about living with them?

I live with one ginger human and one black and white human. The ginger one lets me sit by his desk while he makes stupid clicky noises with the thing he calls a 'mouse'. It is not a mouse. I humour him - he probably couldn't catch a real one.

The black and white human spends a lot of her time swearing at a noisy machine that she pushes bits of fabric through. If I shout loudly enough and for long enough at either of them they might stop what they are doing and give me a hug, or better still, food. 

Doug illustrating the swipe-and-run
Mmm. Food. That's the best thing about living with them, the food. Especially bacon. And pizza. And sweetcorn. And, recently, beansprouts. They like to challenge me by leaving it right in the middle of the table or way up high where I can't reach it, the scamps. Luckily I'm very good at the swipe and run technique and they almost never catch me. They seem to enjoy this game. 

The worst thing....well, that's probably having to live with my sister, Embley. She is a total idiot. I mean, seriously, she's an embarrassment. Waste of food, if you ask me. 

What has been your greatest adventure / scariest moment?

There are so many to choose from, they've all gone down in legend. There's The Day I Killed The Squirrel, the Day I Got Stuck In The Bin, and The Day I Ate An Entire Bag Of Chocolate Covered Honeycomb. My humans weren't so proud of the last one as I was. Admittedly it did have..ahem....explosive results in the litter tray the next day, but I regret nothing. Occasionally I still find a bit of honeycomb ground into the carpet under the sofa and allow myself a nostalgic smile. 

What would be your perfect day?

Being left, unsupervised, in the kitchen for a whole day. Oh, the things I'd eat. 

Which is your favourite Mog's Togs collar?

Collars? Ugh. Hate the things, ever since the humans decided it would be 'amusing' to put me one that said 'Do Not Feed'. Hilarious, I don't think. If they absolutely insisted I suppose I could put up with the skull and crossbones one. I might deign to keep that on for more than my record 48 hours. Embley wore her Mogs Togs tiger print collar for a whole month, but that was just because she's too thick to work out how to take it off. [Ed. - We recommend some psychotherapy to help you get over your fear of collars...]

Doug and sis Embley... aw he must love her really!

Thanks Doug!! Keep up the good work!!


  1. Oh dear. There will be no living with him now he's famous...

  2. Best interview I've ever read! :) Doug is a legend!

  3. Oh this is wonderful! Doug is obviously a very fabulous cat.
    I haven't seen your blog before (but now I'll be back often!).
    Off to look at collars. Our Old Man needs a new one (he's my Studio Assistant and we love him).