Thursday, 26 May 2011

Evil Whisker!

Beloved blog readers, you've known us for a little while now, haven't you; you've seen lots of photos of us, and read lots of stories about us, especially cute little Mia. You think you know us well, don't you. You think I'm the only cat here with the cunning and brain power to plan mischief and naughty deeds. You don't think there could possibly be anything bad about sweet, roly-poly, adorable Mia. But you'd be wrong in thinking that, my friends. Because she has an EVIL WHISKER!!! How do we know it's evil? It points the opposite way to all her other whiskers, that's how we know (duh!).


I'm not sure if she is going to take advantage of this while it lasts, perhaps she could take a part as a James Bond baddie in the next film?


Humph, I thought I was cast in the role of villian around here. Maybe she's going to become a little chav cat instead. Look at her flipping the (rather furry) bird here! How rude!


Actually I think the whisker's malevolent force has already permeated her brain - I caught her the other day trying to bump off Rachel and Pete by tripping them down the stairs! Look how she's managed to sit on the one step that you can't really see from around the corner on the landing, and how she's spread out so there's barely a spare inch to tread on.


And lets zoom in here. Look at the whisker! You can almost see it vibrating, and glowing, with the evilness of her deed!


Luckily I managed to chase her away before anyone was hurt... this time! Ooh it makes all the fur along my spine stand up on end, I'm going to have to watch my back. Hopefully it'll fall out soon and then she'll go back to being the lovely sweet clumsy overgrown kitten we all know and love, and I can reclaim my rightful role as Chief of Mischief of this household.

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