Friday, 6 May 2011

Kitty Climbing Frame

We've had to endure quite a lot of disruption these past few weeks, humph.  Rachel and Pete have been decorating their bedroom, so we got shut downstairs for a couple of weekends on the trot - apparently "gloss paint and cat hair don't mix" - whatever!

The first bit was fun - moving the furniture, so we got to sniff some hidden corners (cue a lot of sneezing from both humans and cats...).  However it went downhill when the humans started destroying the wardrobe; one of our favourite perches (you can see it in this blog post).  It had these great cubby holes to lie in wait, and there was also enough room on the very top for me too, if I jumped up via a bedside table and the door (this is another thing Mia can't quite manage).  So we were pretty gutted; but the next weekend when we were allowed back upstairs again, we found that Rachel and Pete had built us a new climbing frame!  It's so much better than the old one - let me show you.

Mia checking out the drawers - these are excellent as there is just enough room to squeeze in on top of the clothes, even when they're shut.  Now no item of clothing is safe from being enhanced by a layer of our hair.


Mia investigates inside.  This gap isn't quite big enough for a kitty - even a svelte one like me.


Even I checked out the opportunities for mischief - obviously keeping my serious face on at all times.  Plenty of room for me in here!


Here I'm noticing that these Ikea wardrobes are surprisingly good quality for the price.  But look - Rachel's been shopping at Primark again - I've told her there are more ethical stores.  I'm so disappointed in her.


And finally, you know that "fact" that a cat won't go into anything they can't get out of?  Well here's proof that isn't true.  Mia got in this wire basket, but couldn't get out again without Pete opening it for her... silly baby cat!


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