Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Tunnel

Hey look at our new toy!! Rachel went to a big pet show and bought it for us. Pete rolled his eyes and said it would take up the whole room... but who cares what he thinks, we rule the roost around here!

We weren't actually that impressed with it to start with, but then Rachel undid the buttons and it popped out and OMG it was an ENORMOUS TUNNEL and made a FABULOUS CRINKLY SOUND! And it had HOLES in it to jump through and DANGLY things to bite and play with. I got so very over excited about it... my eyes went very big and round and eventually it had to be put away :-( But before it got put away we had so much fun, well I had lots of fun and even Lila had a peek inside. Which surprised me, as you'll see in this video...

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