Saturday, 6 August 2011

Evil Whisker No More

STOP THE PRESSES! Lila here - with some BREAKING NEWS! Remember a couple of months ago I exclusively broke the news of Mia's Evil Whisker? Well, today I can bring you a major update on this story. At some point between 11pm last night and 8am this morning, the Evil Whisker DISAPPEARED. Rachel and Pete had been marvelling yesterday evening at how long it had got, and then this morning - it's nowhere to be seen.


Mia is back to her 100% good, innocent self again! And best of all, her current whiskers look to all be pointing straight and true, so hopefully the reign of terror is over for now.


The Evil Whisker did have one last feeble attempt at an evil deed before it fell out though - it made Mia do a tiny little poo on the living room carpet overnight. The horror!!

PS Did you think there'd be a photo of the poo? You did, didn't you...

PPS Just so you know, NONE of our breaking news stories come from private detectives or phone hacking. But we do utilise listening at closed doors and sitting on laps pretending to be asleep while phone or Skype conversations are happening. We don't miss ANYTHING.

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