Sunday, 20 February 2011

Box! (Again!)

Hi there, it's Mia here.  Lila is feeling rather lazy, she promised not to bite my ears while I was sleeping for a whole week if I wrote this blog post for her, so here I am.

It was Pete's birthday not long ago.  He was THIRTY!  That seems pretty old; I'm not even two yet.  Wow.  He didn't seem all that happy about being 30, so I did my best to cheer him up while he opened his birthday cards.  One card in particular was great, it had this fluffy woolly blue stuff on and I must admit I did have a bit of a chew on it before Rachel noticed and took it away.


Anyway the best thing about Pete's birthday was that WE got a present too!  It came from Pete's mum and dad, how nice is that?  It was this huge, enormous box - it was so much bigger than any box we've played with before.  And let me tell you, we've played with a LOT of boxes.  OK there was something inside it when it was delivered, but once we got rid of that, it was all go on the fun front.

We jumped on it, ran around it as fast as possible, dug our claws into it, rubbed our chins along it, kicked our toys into it and dragged them out again, and best of all, played hide and seek in it.  Rachel's brother even tried to join in with that last game!


We got so excited about it that Rachel decided we couldn't be trusted to play sensibly with it when we were on our own.  She locked it in the bathroom at night, boo!  Sadly it's in bits in the recycling bin now, but we've got a video of us with it so that we can remember this happy time forever. It's a pretty funny one; well I think so anyway, Lila disagreed...

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