Wednesday, 23 February 2011

London Fashion Week Special: Which Collar Should You Be Wearing This Season?

Mia here AGAIN, since Lila is NOWHERE to be seen?  Well anyway, we can't wait around for her, because today we are thrilled to welcome the famous socialite and fashionista Lady DeLila Kittington-Smythe, here to write a guest blog post for us.  I'm so excited!  She's on the cutting edge of all feline fashion and has a front row seat for all the London Fashion Week shows.  Here's a recent photo of her at the opening of an envelope in Mayfair...


In honour of London Fashion Week, Lady DeLila is here to bring us her top picks from the current Mog's Togs Collection and show trend-conscious kitties everywhere how to choose the perfect collar, whatever the colour of your fur.  Over to you, DeLila!

"Well hello to all you cool cats.  I know that effortless style doesn't come naturally to most of you, as it does to moi, but fear not, I'm here to help.  I have been looking over the Mog's Togs shop with my good friends Diane Von Furrrstenberg and Stella McCatnip, and we've got some up-to-the-minute advice for you on what colours are in this season, plus we've picked a hot collar for each fur type.
Brown tabby
The dark tones in your fur make a light pastel based collar the choice for you.  Pink, blue, green, yellow, lilac - the choice is yours, just keep it muted.  The pink & white flowers collar will look stunning on you.

Oooh, look at you and your beautiful fur!  Bright crayon-like colours are my choice for you, and a postbox red is a particular favourite; other shades at the red end of the spectrum will also work well with your colouring. If you're a bit of a rock kitty, this guitar style would be purrfect.


Truly, we are the lucky ones - with our dark sultry fur we can carry off almost ANY colour or design. But to really stand out from the crowd, choose a citrus colour to really pop against your fur - neons are SO in this year, dahlings. If you can find one that matches your eyes, so much the better.  My top pick for us chats noir this season is this bright lime collar.


Yes, I know you're a girl - but you simply MUST embrace blue.  SMASH those gender stereotypes! A sky blue collar like this pawprint one is just perfect, it will contrast the orange in your fur beautifully.


Like black cats, you snowy babes can wear almost anything.  But why be boring!  With your blank canvas of fur you can show off a busy pattern to the max  - floral or stripes, perhaps.  A demure design like this navy floral one is perfect; or if you're feeling daring, embrace your inner wildcat with tiger stripes.  RRAWRR!


Silver tabby
Similarly to the Blues, bright mid tones look fantastic against your glittery fur.  But instead of reds, choose greens, blues and turquoises to really stand out.  This royal blue skulls collar would be perfect to draw attention to yourself - but I hear this colour is all sold out for now?  Zut alors!


I know you're mostly boys - so for a smart work collar go for bold stripes, like this blue one.  You're also one of the few who can wear dark colours without them disappearing into your coat - so there's literally hundreds of options for you this season.


Well I'm afraid that's all I've got time for now - I must dash and get ready for the Purr-sace show.  I hope my wise words help you look a bit less of a clueless frump this season!!  Sorry if I didn't cover your colour, but there's so many of them I'd be here all day - and there simply aren't enough Whiskas Temptations in the world to pay for that!  Mwaaah!!"
And with a flurry of air kisses, she's gone, just leaving a trace of Eau de Catnip in the air to remind us she was ever here. That DeLila is certainly one chic kitty - I'm soooo in awe - although she did look a bit familiar, didn't she?  Oh well.  Shame Lila wasn't around to meet her - now where on earth is she??

Thanks very much to Vicky for photos of Lexi (white) and Oliver (ginger), to BSH for photos of Darwin (blue) and Willow (silver tabby), and to Alana for the photo of Milly (brown tabby).  Your cats are all beautiful!

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