Friday, 30 September 2011

O-strich Of The Imagination

Look what we've got! Giant feathers! Woooo! They are like normal feathers, but WAY WAY bigger, and so obviously WAY WAY MORE FUN!


Let me tell you the story of how we got them...  So, Lila and I were just relaxing out in the garden.


I was just having a wash, and was about to have a nap...

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They looked so yummity, and we hadn't had lunch so we chased them around the garden... caught them... and ate them, one each. After we ate them we were super sleepy so I had a snooze.


But then the scary man-cat from up the road came into the garden and we both ran inside, so we brought the feathers in with us.


And so THAT is how we got our new toys! They are so much fun to play with, they are big enough to stand up to a bit of bunny-kicking, plus you can really get your teeth into them, and they taste great when you lick them, mmm ostrichy goodness.


Like all our favourite toys though, they go away into a cupboard at night. Boo!

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