Friday, 16 September 2011

Sit In

Today we went on STRIKE. (What's that you say? How can a cat go on strike when we sleep 23 hours of the day on average anyway? How very dare you!).

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. We were most put out when Rachel and Pete came home from work tonight and set to making THEIR dinner before attending to our gustatory needs! Worse still, their dinner involved opening at least two cans, which was pure torture.

When we realised our food wasn't immediately forthcoming, we decided to stage a protest. We briefly conferred over what form this should take. A march with placards? Too much effort, and besides, we can't hold writing implements. Picketing the oven? Unfortunately the humans can easily sweep us aside on the shiny kitchen floor. Hunger strike? Seemed counterproductive in the circumstances. Mia tentatively suggested a dirty protest ... but being hygenic types we eventually decided on a good old sit in in the saucepan cupboard.
Mia put on her best "I'm Grumpy" face.


I found a place with a little extra head height...


It worked! After a few minutes, Rachel started washing up our food bowls.


We watched her closely, but we didn't come out until our delicious meaty feast was dished out and waiting for us.

That'll teach them!!

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