Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fight Night

It's been sooo cold the last week or so! Obviously we couldn't possibly set foot outside the catflap when it's so chilly, so we've been cooped up inside, with lots of energy to burn, getting on each other's nerves. I know, it's a surprise, isn't it, that we don't always get on...

Believe it or not, it often starts like this:

One of us (usually Mia...) is just lying down, chilling, when the other one (usually me, I must admit...) comes over and initiates a bit of unwanted physical contact. Usually this involves some face licking (think spit on the hankerchief; well, I am her mother!), but if that doesn't get the desired response, then the instigator will resort to flicking their tail in the other one's face, and if THAT doesn't work, then the last resort is a quick bat on the head with a paw... This video shows the usual procedure!


The alternative scenario is more common when we're hungry, especially when Rachel or Pete gets home from work and doesn't IMMEDIATELY put food down for us. Then, anything goes, but generally it involves one of us hiding behind a door and sofa, and waiting for the other to appear so we can AMBUSH them. Mia is just as guilty of this tactic as I am. It's great fun, but harder to capture on film (much to Rachel's annoyance, because these games of hide and seek are very entertaining). The end results are the same, however:

Ears back, teeth out

I veel drink your blood!!


  1. Ah, it is so good to read this, as much of the same goes on at my house! I'm sometimes worried Mae and Missy are gonna tear each other to shreds. Or my legs, as the often use me as a shield to hide behind. But I guess a bit of fighting is normal!

  2. The cold does make them go a bit loopy.

    Jazz has resorted to chasing Marble and Kiwi around the house just because he's bored.

    Roll on summer!

  3. They are just like Gabby and Roxy! Their little fights are too cute!