Sunday, 29 January 2012

Model Cats

We've been modelling the first two limited edition Mog's Togs collars for 2012! Aren't they fun?! Mia is wearing the Tortoises one - it seemed appropriate, for a little Tortie like her. She loves the little tortoise charm as it makes her a bit more jangly as she potters around the house.

Pete says I'm the prettiest tortie in all the world! *preen*

I am sporting February's collar - it's a Valentine's Day special! It's got a little charm on too although I wasn't very good at showing it off apparently... Rachel said I was being too coy as I wouldn't look at the camera - well, would you, if there was a LEAF blowing around outside the door?!!

My favourite vantage point

Being a supermodel for the day can be tough - for example, there's never enough room backstage for everyone.

Surely there's room up there for another size zero?

And the pay isn't amazing, although having said that, Rachel said that the current going rate for top models was 3 Dreamies each, and we negotiated her up to 4 with a mixture of pitiful meows and big round eyes! How's THAT for bargaining power!

It's not MY fault you put the charm on the wrong way round!

Sorry, I don't actually get out of bed for anything less than a raw king prawn...


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    Aus 1000 e beijos 1000 de mamis a voces...


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  3. I love the Valentine's collar. If'n I wore collars, that's a one I'd want.

  4. Hi I have nominated/awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Pop on over to my blog- for more info xx