Monday, 2 April 2012

Mog's Togs' Friend: Tilly

It's time for another post from a Mog's Togs Friend! This week our friend is little Tilly, who got her slave Elaine of Ellie's Treasures to jot down her answers and take a few pics...

What's your name, how old are you, and where do you live?

Tilly, although I'm more often known as Minx (and used to be called Kitty Eden).  I've no idea how I got the nickname Minx, I'm only doing what I was born to do - play, chase, trip folk up and climb up legs! Oh, I think I'm about 5 months old, could be a little older though.  I was born somewhere and then dropped off with my brother, George, in a hay barn. I live in a playden (sorry, a house) with a large garden that I'm just beginning to explore.
Tilly exploring a mixing bowl!

Who do you live with? What's the best and worst thing about living with them? 

I live with my lovely mummy who feeds me and tells me off when I climb up her legs.  A daddy who feeds me as well (I usually say I haven't been fed yet by mummy, but, shush, that's not always true!) [Ahh, you'll go far, already using tricks like that!] and whom I adore. He has the best lap in the world, a lovely comfy cushion lap for me to sleep on and paw at in the evenings [Mia and Lila have one of those cushions too, thanks to Pete!!]. There's two young humans too, a boy and a girl. They can get a bit loud at times but do have snuggly beds to sleep on and friends that like to stroke and adore me.

I have 3 brother cats, 1 best pal dog called Poppy (I like to follow her around the garden when she's let out to do a wee), 2 hens who are a little scary actually, especially when they chase me and finally, 2 goldfish (poor things are all caged up in some tank thing - I'll help them escape one day). My 3 brother cats are alright.  The old one, Allie, can get really nasty when I ask to play and he leaves smelly wet mouth stuff on my fur.  Kanda, well Kanda just hisses at me and runs past - he's a bit weird that one. Pepper's good fun for a tumble around with, especially at bed time - I like him the best. All 3 of them are brilliant at feeding time. They seem perfectly happy to let me push them out of the way so I can reach all of the feeding bowls at once, leaving them to wait until I've hoovered every morsel up [Hm, who does that remind us of? MIA!].
What are you looking at, Tilly?

What has been your greatest adventure / scariest moment?

My greatest adventure must have been when my actual mum decided it was moving day and carried me and my real brother, George, to the hay barn. It was cold and we needed somewhere warm as we were really tiny. The scariest moment was probably when the lady at the hay barn took us and my mum to the V.E.T. [O.M.G!] and then I had to go back to the hay barn with George without mum for a whole day. We wondered where she was and were really, really happy to see her come back when it was feeding time in the evening. Another scary moment was going out into the big garden for the first time.  I thought it would be really cool to explore all the other gardens as well as my own. Mummy was a little over the top with happiness when I eventually came home. I didn't realise I'd been out for 2 hours, and haven't really ventured out for that long since. Going out at night is far better - no pecking hens to chase me! 

What would be your perfect day?

Food, play, food, play, food, food, food, daddy's lap and then a tumble with Pepper (probably followed by more food during the night). 

Which is your favourite Mog's Togs collar?

I don't wear a collar yet, mummy says my neck is far too skinny and I'd look all collar and no kitten.  If mummy let me choose one to buy though I think I'd pick "Groovy Teal Cat Collar" - it's very dainty, just like me. [Unfortunately you'll have a LOT of growing to do to wear that one - we've only got the large size left! Ah well, I'm sure you'll find something cute enough for even you when the time's right!]

Thanks Tilly - and sorry it took us a little while to put your interview up here - you're probably nearly fitting that Large collar by now, it's been so long, oops!


  1. Aw, thank you, that's brilliant. Love the little comments you'd entered! Will show this to the "star" when she comes in from her evening of playing & "hunting"! Elaine

  2. What a cute kitten! Very pretty - I hope you now have collars to fit her and enhance her good looks.