Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mog's Togs at the Dandy Lion!

Yesterday, instead of staying at home and bugging us all day (like a normal Saturday), Rachel and Pete went all the way up to North London and took all the Mog's Togs collars! Insanity!

Apparently they took them to sell at a fair called The Dandy Lion near Highgate. It was in a pub called the Boogaloo (funny name, if you ask me...). It nearly all went wrong though right at the start just after they'd spent ages making their little table look nice.

Can you see the little mice down at the front? They've got catnip inside them, mmm, a whole teaspoon in each, which makes them pretty pungent! They smelled so delicious, that one of the the pub's resident cats, Hutch, came to investigate. Before long she had decided that in fact, all the mice should belong to her.

This one is mine, and this one is mine, and this one..

The catnip started to send her a little loopy, so Rachel decided to donate one of the mice to her in the name of peace and quiet and to save her stall!

Looks like she loved it!

I shall hug you and kiss you and call you Mousey...

And phew, the stall was saved!

Do you like the collar model there at the back?! He's GRRREAT!

P.S. In case you were wondering, yes there was apparently a Starsky at the pub too, to go with Hutch, but she was a bit shy, so Rach and Pete didn't get to meet her :-)


  1. least it was FULLY appreciated!!

  2. Looks like the best endorsement you could get! :o)