Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Feline Invader!

Goodness me, we're both all a flutter at the moment, due to the UNWANTED INCURSION of another feline into OUR TERRITORY!

First thing we knew about it was one morning a couple of weeks ago, when through the catflap we saw a flash of black and white fur at the end of the garden. We thought it was the big scary longhaired cat from up the road, and Mia ran upstairs to the farthest point of the house... but later on that day, we were outside, and saw more clearly that it was a BRAND NEW cat! And she was playing in OUR playground at the end of the next door neighbours' garden!

A closeup of the cheeky monkey...

She's quite small, so even Mia wasn't scared of her. We went over to let her know that we were the bosses around this garden, but she could play, if she showed suitable respect. However, she just IGNORED US!! How rude!!

Look, she's not even scared!

We thought we'd better put her in her place. As she got busy exploring the playground, we instigated a pincer attack. Mia distracted her on this side by making her chattery bird noise, while I sneaked around the back....

Ninja Lila

But... by the time I went to jump at her, she'd disappeared!!

Where'd she go?

Hmph. We've seen her around a few more times - still showing ZERO respect for her elders and she doesn't really want to play with us either. She's been lounging about on OUR shed roof, where we like to relax, and even went into the garden on the other side of us and chased OUR butterflies! Those are our favourite neighbours  - they let Mia come and sit on their sofa, and don't even mind when I sneak into their upstairs windows from the flat roof. What if they decide they like her better than us?

Rachel said she talked to the cheeky cat's human, who lives just 2 doors down, and the feisty new kitty is called Bella. She did say that Bella isn't allowed outside at night either, so that's one good thing I suppose... but we're off to the cattery for a little while tomorrow, and I'm very worried that she might think that our garden is there for the taking!! I'll keep you updated...

In the meantime, we have been letting Rachel take lots of photos of us, just so she wouldn't forget that WE are the cutest cats around here. Once again, hmph.

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  1. What a great story - love the accompanying photos! Hope Bella decides to show 'nuff respec' when you get home from the cattery. Who knows, you could even end up as friends!