Sunday 9 September 2012

Summer's Done!

Hi everyone, I don't even know what excuse to give about how little we've blogged over the summer. I can only a-paw-logise. I'm not even going to try and pin all the blame on Rachel like usual, as we have been pretty lazy too... But now it's September we thought it was about time to get you up to date on what we have been doing during August. A lot of the time we were just sitting in the sun.

This used to be Rachel's sewing basket until we found it. LOL!

Apart from that, we've mostly been watching the Olympics and Paralympics. Rachel and Pete went to loads of Olympic events, but we didn't get to go to any! Instead... we got a special scratching box:

Room for a small one?

Ding Ding, all aboard!

Although we didn't get to visit Olympic park, we did watch plenty of the coverage on our new flatscreen TV. It's much thinner than the big boxy old one, so when Mia tried to jump on top of it like we used to ALL THE TIME, it fell over and Pete said some really rude words that we'd never even heard before!! When we weren't trying to destroy hundreds of pounds worth of electrical equipment, we were cheering on the athletes:

I'm a gold meow-dal winner!
Go Mo, Go Jess, Go Team GB
Ooh, shiny shiny!

But some of us weren't QUITE so interested in the sports...

We also had a visit to the Cat Hotel again, and this time it REALLY was 4 star. We got to stay in a part that we had never been to before, we had half of a lovely chalet in the garden to ourselves, with our own verandah, and the inside bit was really big too, much bigger than normal. We could watch birdies and the resident cats all day, and stretch out in the sun, and it was just BRILLIANT!  Rachel says now that she knows these posh rooms are there, we can stay in them every time we visit. AWESOME!

So that's mostly what we've been up to. What have you been doing?

PS - Obligatory tongue shot of Mia, what a silly chops!


  1. Yay, Mia and Lila are blogging again! :o) Reading this, I am amazed my cats have never tried to jump on our TV. They usually just sit in front of it while we're watching. Hope there was no damage! Where'd you get the little bus? It's awesome!

    1. We got it for free when we ordered some food from the Zooplus website!