Thursday 11 October 2012

Mia the Vanquisher of Arachnids

That is me! Vanish... vanisher... of arra... arrows... Oh OK, I don't really know what those words mean, Lila thought up that title for me...

I have been being SUPER BRAVE recently as I've been protecting Rachel and Pete from a DEADLY INVASION of nasty icky (delicious) spiders. They're often spotted around the doors...When I see one, I give a warning sound (it sounds like mik-mik-mik-mik) so that the humans know not to approach. They are so stupid though, they always DO approach!

DON'T come any closer! This one's HUGE!

Then I round up the spider and corrall it between my mighty paws, and give it the patented Mia Smack of Doom.

I'm not scared of you, spidey.

I give it a sniff, to check it's been neutralised, and see if it might make a tasty snack.

Smells dead...

The small ones are the yummiest - the big ones I tend to just play with for a while until they are dead or disabled and then leave them for Rachel to clean up. Their legs can be a bit crunchy...

OK, you can clean it up now.

No need to thank me for keeping the humans safe, it's the least I could do. I hope your cats are protecting you too...


  1. Mia, do you run spider-bashing courses? Hector could do with a few lessons...

  2. Mia, Cosmos needs your help! He runs away from the big ones!

  3. What a wonderful spider smacker you are Mia. Can The Mum borrow you until spider season is over?