Friday, 12 November 2010

A Place To Rest

Urgh. The weather's been simply atrocious recently. High winds, pelting rain, it's enough to drive even the most hardened adventurer inside. I got blown over while trying to attend to the call of nature in the flowerbed, most inelegant, so have retreated back to the litter tray for now.  I know the humans are enjoying all the extra presents we're leaving for them at the moment so that's one bonus at least.
It's important to find a good, cosy place to hunker down when it's like this. Recently I've been enjoying this "Ikea" bag. It's great - roomy enough for two (not that I'd ever deign to share my chosen sleeping spot with Mia), quite insulating, and makes a good crinkly noise when you stretch.  Lovely. I highly recommend you try to obtain one too; although it may be difficult - I believe they are quite rare, and certainly extremely expensive. Only the best for us, naturellement.

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