Friday, 26 November 2010

Economic Cat-astrophe?

I know you all think that I'm just the silly baby cat of the household, and it's true, in a way. There's nothing I like better than rolling around on the carpet like a kitten; unless it's chasing a bit of wool, or making squeaky noises at a fly.  Yay!!  BUT there is more to me than this!  Well, I think there could be anyway.
So I heard there was a recession happening, I'm not really sure what that is, but it sounds tasty.  Plus, our human Pete has got a new job which is something to do with eek-onomics; I thought that that meant he was doing something with mice, but apparently it's more important than that.  Anyway, he's reading a book about it, so I thought I'd get stuck in too, and try and make myself a bit more cleverer.  It's very interesting actually, particularly the bit about how the British government sold off the 3G mobile network to make 30 billion pounds!  We tried to tell Rachel about that bit, but she kind of glazed over, and I think she thought I just wanted more dinner.  (Well, I did, but that's not the point).
I think this whole reading thing could really be good for broadening my horizons, I might try Vince Cable's book next.  The only problem is, I read much faster than Pete does, but I have to wait for him to turn the pages due to my lack of opposable thumbs.  That's when I get distracted by something; a speck of dust, or the corner of a photo frame, or my own tail, and I forget all about quantitative easing and go racing around the lounge instead... WHEEEEEEE!

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