Saturday, 20 November 2010

Spot The Cat Contest

Can you see me in this photo?
I'm cleverly hiding from Rach and Pete.  I am having to do this kind of thing every night at the moment...
The usual course of events is as follows.  Mia and I are perfectly happy, cosily snuggling on the big bed for most of the evening, and then the humans decide it's time for bed and turf us out downstairs.  It's really not an appropriate snoozing environment down there.  In the living room there are only 2 sofas, a hammocky chair, several cushions, 2 fleece blankets, and a designated cat sleeping shelf with a comfy bed - how on earth are we supposed to sleep adequately?  The big bed really is the best place to catch some ZZZ's and even better with the humans in it as it's much warmer that way.
Anyway, I have to resort to silliness like this at bedtime; hiding in the wardrobe, or under the duvet, just to try and get the point across that our current sleeping arrangements are unacceptable.  They aren't getting the message though.  Mia's no help - one shake of the treat box and she's away like a shot downstairs, what a floozy.  So much for intra-species loyalty.
Sometimes I like to pretend that they've won, and I'm going downstairs, but then at the last minute, when their guard is down, I sneak back through their legs and take up residence on the bed again.  They always get me in the end though - usually they try and roll me up in the cosy blanket, like they do when it's worming pill time, and that always has me straight downstairs.  I MUST build up my defences to this kind of attack, though.  I know I'm wearing them down, every day it takes them a little longer to get me out.  One day they'll give up and let us stay, I just know it.

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