Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sunny Days Of Spring

Thought we had better get this post out before the sunny weather disappears!  We had a lovely girls-only weekend as Pete was away hitting a very small ball with a stick. It was so lovely and warm - actually we found the heat a bit of a shock and stayed inside, lounging on the cool tiles in the bathroom.

Rachel seemed to like it though, she put her shorts on and showed us her white legs (heehee) and then spent a lot of time putting more dirt into pots (we still don't understand this).  We meowed plaintively from the back door to try and make her come back inside so that Lila could sit on her and I could have my tummy tickled, but it didn't work, she was having too much fun out there.  So in the afternoon when it had cooled down a little and there was a bit more shade, we ventured out.

I found a great place to sit, amongst the wallflowers and daffodils. I discovered that if you find a big enough clump of daffodils, you can kind of lean your head gently on the stems without them breaking.  We found out the hard way that you aren't meant to break flower stems, we did that the other week when racing down the garden and got a bit of a telling off.  Whoops.  Anyway from this vantage point I was nicely shaded, but the soil was warm and dry, and best bit - I could jump out at Rachel and Lila as they walked down the path.  Yay!

Mia_hyacinth Mia_garden2

Lila found a nice sunny patch and rolled around in it.  She got her bumblebee collar absolutely filthy!


Then she checked out the little baby plants in this funny box thing.  Hang on, these were just pots of dirt last week?!  Aha, perhaps I am getting closer to understanding the whole dirt-in-pots thing now...


The box thing isn't looking quite as smart now; since on Sunday morning before Rachel got up, Lila jumped off the fence onto it and broke it!!  Rachel was really cross and said some sweary words while she was fixing it.  Heehee.  Lila thought she'd got away with it but the dusty pawprints showed one of us was the culprit, and I'm too scared to go up on the fence, so Rachel knew it was her!

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