Monday, 18 April 2011


I can't remember whether we told you at the time, but back in February we were interviewed by Your Cat magazine, for a feature they were writing about blogging cats.  It was ever so exciting; well, Rachel and Mia were very excited; Pete and I feigned indifference.  We had nearly forgotten about it - but now the issue is out!  Look how excited Mia is to see the magazine!


We're FAMOUS!  I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before people are asking for our pawprints in the street.  We'll have to get disguises if we want to go out in public. We've already started thinking about it; I'm going to go demure and classy - I'll fit right in here in Surrey with a twinset and pearls.  Mia is going more for the "hide in plain sight" approach, *sigh*.


So anyway it's all very exciting.  We've scanned in the article so you can read it below (you can click on it to zoom).  I'm a bit disappointed with the photo of me, to be honest, I must speak to my agent about that.  It wasn't just us featured in the article - we're very happy to have met some new friends on the other blogs mentioned - you should go say hi to them too!  We were already big fans of Freya and Teego, and now we are adding Allotment Cats, Millou and the Feline Network to our Google Reader!


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