Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mog's Togs: By Governmental Appointment

STOP THE PRESSES!  It's time for a blog-flash!

Do you remember back in February we sent Larry the new Downing Street cat a couple of collars as a "welcome to your new home" gift?  And got a thank you letter from the Prime Minister's office?  Well we thought that was the last of the matter, but Rachel did always wonder whether he had ever worn either of the collars.  And now, we know!

Last night Rachel found some press photos of Larry sporting a very fetching Union Jack bowtie in honour of the Royal Wedding (we think it's made from a paper napkin - how environmentally friendly of him!).  She figured it must have been attached to a collar, and eventually found this photo on a news blog, clearly showing that he's wearing his blue argyle pattern Mog's Togs collar!!


There are some more photos here.  Doesn't he look handsome in his collar!  We're all a-flutter at these photos; Rachel is unbelievably excited.  Even Pete couldn't hide how impressed he was!

P.S. Last week, newspapers here in the UK reported that Larry - brought in to rid the Prime Ministerial residence of rodents - caught his first mouse at last.  Perhaps his new collar gave him a confidence boost!

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