Friday, 3 December 2010

Get my drift?

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It's been pretty gosh-darn cold here for the last few days, with some freezy white stuff swirling around in the sky... Some of it landed on the ground, but not much. But when we woke up this morning, there was LOADS of it everywhere!  Magic!
Rachel got all excited and put her coat and big scary boots on and came outside with us, not sure why, but we did have a fun time out there.  The white stuff (snow, apparently) came up to our tummies! It wasn't too wet though, so it was nice, in a way - I went dashing around the garden in it (I was pretending to be a Snow Leopard, if you must know, but don't tell anyone!).
Typical Mia ended up trying to attack it and pounce on it, as she does with anything that moves, but she just got it up her nose and had a sneezing fit, silly girl. Then she decided that actually it wasn't snow after all but a new type of revolutionary kitty litter - and went for a wee on the patio!  OMG I was so embarrassed!  So at that point I went back inside and curled up in the warm.  I don't know, these torties, you can't take them anywhere.
Argh, Rachel's asked me to remind you all that our collars are 15% off in our Folksy and Etsy shops at the moment, if you are a fan of our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.  Apparently on Folksy she'll send you some money back through Paypal (I think she might mean PawPal?) and for Etsy there's a coupon code, just send an email to find out what it is.  Does this mean we can have our Christmas collars now?
'Til next time: stay safe & keep wrapped up warm, blog fans! 

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