Thursday, 30 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ho Ho Ho!  Lila here.  I do hope you've all had a lovely time over Christmas and are looking forward to 2011.  Our Christmas was a bit mixed...
First of all we had a Christmas dinner at home with Rachel & Pete's friends, it was loads of fun!  Unfortunately we had to have the smelly allergy stuff rubbed on our fur, but it was worth it, as some of our favourite people were there, including Oli - you can see him in the picture below with Mia.  As you can see, we were a little inconvenienced by the festivities - see the wine rack in the background?  Well it's not actually a rack - it's our scratching post!  How cheeky!  But we did get to eat the turkey giblets which was a fantastic treat. Nom nom.
After all this fun - can you believe it - Rachel & Pete left us in the house to fend for ourselves for a couple of days!  Sure, the Christmas tree lights came on every evening to keep us company, and the funny whirring food dish kept us from starving, but really!  Now obviously I was livid, but even Mia was most unimpressed by this turn of events... see her doing her best cross face:
But eventually they came home!  I knew it wasn't for long though - so although Mia was happy to see them, I gave them the cold shoulder and stalked off whenever they tried to stroke me.  Hmph.  They did bring us some presents though, which smelled fantastic; it took all my strength to resist the catnippy goodness and maintain my aloof behaviour.
Anyway, as expected, after a few hours Rachel and Pete went away again, and once again we were on our own.  They did at least fill the food up again, so we were fine, I guess.  By the time they came back again, I had decided to forgive them for being so mean, and so we had a nice cuddly evening on the sofa.
It's nice having them around all day.  But I do hope they go back to work soon - it's hard to relax completely knowing you could be disturbed by a tickle at any time...
PS - Rachel says to let you know that the Christmas and winter collars are all half price in the Mog's Togs shops - and you can get them posted to you for just 75p!  For such a bargain price, you too could look as good as us!

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