Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oh Baubles...

Well, this tree thing has certainly got more interesting since I last reported to you. As well as the sparkly lights, I can exclusively announce that THERE ARE NOW SPARKLY CAT TOYS ON THE TREE!  Wow!
I've been practicing my meerkat impression and standing up as tall as I can to try and reach the shiny red ones.  Sometimes they fall off and I can chase them around the room until they roll under The Sofa Of Lost Toys.  This has helped me finally figure out the real purpose of this tree - it was clearly designed as some kind of keep-fit course for us - how thoughtful of Rachel and Pete, they must have noticed that we are getting a little soft around the middle in this cold weather. As well as the stretching and batting, I've also been doing some lunges off the windowsill into the tree; after this the humans usually encourage us to do a little sprint to the other end of the room, by waving the spray bottle at us.  Nothing like a bit of interval training!
Miatree3 Miatree1 Miatree2 Miatree4 Miatree5
Lila's not really taking part though, she is conserving her energy - she's finally realised that the back of the sofa is the best place to relax (I've been chilling there since we first started living here). 
I've generally been winding down in front of the fire after my exercise, so much so that Rachel and Pete have been calling me Toaster-Face... But there's nothing like piping hot fur to ease the muscles after a hardcore sesh in the feline gym!
'Til next time, stay healthy, everybody!

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