Thursday, 27 October 2011

Black Cat Awareness Day

Today, apparently, is BLACK CAT AWARENESS DAY. According to Cats Protection, anyway, who say that black cats are the least likely to be adopted from their shelters, out of all the cat colours!!

Yes, I AM aware... that YOU are interrupting MY nap!

That doesn't seem very fair does it. Although, even if it is a bit unfair, why do black cats get a WHOLE day?! I asked Rachel why there isn't a Tortie Awareness Day, and she made a funny snorting noise and said something about being aware of me 365 days a year... But I didn't hear her properly, as I was too busy jumping off her tummy with all my might in order to belt around the room for no particular reason and end up on a top shelf, carefully knocking over all the knick knacks AND the light on the way up. Awesome!


  1. Oh, my! What does that say about me? I'm now the owner of my 4th black cat in a row! They've all been real characters but have not lived long lives. Perhaps black cats aren't lucky after all.