Monday, 31 October 2011

A Very Pathetic Halloween To You Too

It's Halloween!!! Obviously as a black cat, today is my favourite day of the year. I'm going to go out and scare all the trick or treaters, and sit picturesquely by a pumpkin, and look directly at light sources so my eyes glow, and arch my back and stick out all my furs at right angles to my body whilst making a terrifying racket! Hurrah! 

What's that you say? The cat flap locked an hour earlier because the clocks went back yesterday? HOW VERY DARE YOU GMT!! *Sigh...* I guess it's another Halloween on the sofa then. At least I can jump out from behind it and scare Mia, even if I do do that every day...

So anyway, we asked Rachel a month or so ago if we could dress up this Halloween, she said that sounded like a good idea and she'd make some cool kitty costumes for us. We collected together some ideas for her, which you can see here, but we let her have the final decision on what exactly our costumes would be. So by this evening, we were beyond excited, even I was having trouble maintaining an aloof, dignified exterior. Just what marvellous disguises had she whizzed up for us on the sewing machine? We waited with bated breath... to be presented with...

Well. What can I say. DISAPPOINTED. The first one wasn't great... this was my costume, a mess of pipe cleaners and bit of fabric which was, apparently, supposed to be a spider...

This is rubbish. I'm so depressed.

Even depressed spiders have to eat sometimes...

And then when we asked about Mia's, Rachel looked a bit bashful, disappeared to the bathroom, and came back wielding a fist full of toilet paper. Yes, dear readers, Mia was to be.... Mummified Mia...

Um... I don't really know what to say about this...

My spider costume suddenly looked Disney-worthy compared to this. Obviously there was only one way THAT was going to end.

This IS clean, isn't it?

To be perfectly frank, this is NOT what we signed up for. How are we supposed to hold our heads up amongst other blogging cats with this pathetic Blue Peter-esque attempt at Fright Night? Rachel's excuses, of which there were many, included something about writing up a PhD by Christmas... something about having to prepare for a job interview today... something about a wholesale order... something about making lots of collars for the Christmas fairs coming up... something about how those cats in costumers never look very happy about it anyway and she just KNEW that if she tried to get us into a proper costume she'd be mauled (OK maybe that bit might be true... but couldn't she look at the positives and consider the deep claw wounds a shortcut to a mutilated zombie outfit...?)

After seeing our disappointment, she suggested one last costume idea. This one at least appeals to my intellectual nature although again the effort that went into this one was, once again, minimal. Mia, of course, did not "get it", even after an exhaustive explanation of quantum physics. Can you guess what I am dressed as here?

Yes, my scientist friends, I am Schrodinger's Cat.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Well I thought the costumes were pretty cool!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for making me laugh every time you write a new post, they are so brilliant!

    I would not even dare to try and dress up my cats, but that lobster costume you found is very tempting... And the spider is very cool, too.

    Hope the interview went well!

  3. A very deep and thought provoking last outfit, did the box get opened to solve the mystery?

  4. Schrodinger's cat is really the best Halloween costume for a cat!

  5. brilliant!! Smeagol had a lovely bat costume that he refused point blank to wear! (I have the scars to prove it!!) He did, however, wear his glow in the dark Bite Me hoodie to scare all the trick or treaters with!