Monday, 17 October 2011

Nobody Likes A Fat Cat

Anyone got any exercise tips for us? We've heard that Fat Cats are the most hated people in Britain, so we need to do something drastic before we're lined up with Fred Goodwin and the like...

Sooooo... there's a gate in the fence at the side of the house that leads onto the driveway, and Rachel is always very careful to leave a couple of flower pots in front of it so that we can't squeeze under the gap. As it turns out, she might as well not bother.

Lila had sneaked round through the next door neighbour's garden to the driveway and was telling me about this FEATHER she'd found out there! omg! I thought I'd better go and have a look so decided to take the shortcut.

Yep, plenty of room for a svelte feline like myself...

Just slip through under here, no problem...

Um.... bit of help please?

Ah yes, I remember, I think there's a bit more room on the other side ...

No problem.

Ah crap...

Lila WOULDN'T stop laughing at me! So I gave up, and was about to go round the long way, when she said she'd show what a little chubster I was by coming back under the gate.

With my shiny fur I'll slip right through

Looks like it's not just me who's a little chubster!!

Curses! Foiled again!


  1. You're not fat, you're just over floofy!

  2. Oh dear... A clear case for magic pants!

  3. You've not become fat the gate has just expanded in this awful English weather making the gap smaller.

  4. Thanks for the support guys! Perhaps we will pitch Mog's Togs Magic Cat Pants to Rachel...