Tuesday, 1 March 2011

She Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

There she was, stretching her legs in the garden - enjoying the first sunny day she'd seen in a while.  The spring bulbs were just beginning to show their colours (despite concerted efforts to dig them all up immediately after planting last November).  She stopped to delicately sniff their fresh scent, and allowed herself a moment to reminisce on the warm spring days of the previous year, when she and her clever, beautiful mother had first arrived in this paradise, and their heady days of first exploration.


She heard a rustle, and glanced up to the end of the garden, where the soft, new buds on the magnolia tree gently moved in the breeze. Oh how perfect this day is, how peaceful, she thought; as she contemplated the cool, damp soil under her paws.


But in her reverie she had not seen the black terror lurking in the woods, closely watching her every movement.  She could not have seen it; even if she had known it was there - for it sat silently as a shadow, and perfectly camouflaged (well, except for the bright yellow collar).


The terror perched on the fence apparently still; yet every muscle was poised; every sinew taut, waiting, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, to unleash speed, power, stealth, and not forgetting great terror, upon the unsuspecting silly baby cat posing for the camera...



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