Thursday, 23 June 2011


Golly I can't believe it's been TWO WHOLE WEEKS since we last blogged. Ever so sorry about that; obviously we blame Rachel, she has been busy busy recently, and hasn't had time to help us with the typing.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse since the start of June - I thought it was supposed to be summer now? Instead it is windy, precipitating, and the mercury has plummeted. Brr. We don't like going out in the rain that much, so I've been catching up on my reading, but Mia has been getting a bit of cabin fever being cooped up so much. The other day she was just being so annoying that I just couldn't concentrate on my book (War and Peace, in case you were wondering). So I put my book aside (which took some effort, I tell you) and asked her if she fancied a game of Scrabble. Usually she'll wrinkle her nose at this suggestion but for once she was so bored that she decided to give it a go.

So we got the board out and started. Here's Mia thinking about her first go (or perhaps she's just caught a whiff of something tasty on the tiles...). We play by the PAWPADS word list which is standard for cats.


It went fairly predictably, to be honest - if I may coin a phrase, I whupped her fluffy little butt. 424 points to me!


And just 135 to Mia.


She is definitely getting better though, last time we played she didn't get any words longer than 3 letters. She's still a terrible loser, though, have a look at the video of the game below and just see what she did at the end!

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