Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pathetic Meows

Just a very quick blog today, to share a video that Rachel put on our Facebook page (you should totally go over there and like it, if you haven't already - lots more photos and videos of us and other cats!).
Rachel wasn't at work today, instead she was hard at work upstairs, sewing lovely new collars. She had the window open, and I was up there with her, just hanging out, looking over the garden. Mia was out there pottering about, when she saw me on the windowsill. I knew she'd want to come inside and chillax with us, but instead of coming inside, she climbed on top of the bins which were under the window, and just sat and meowed pitifully at Rachel, even though the cat flap was JUST there!! Pathetic!

Rachel says that in the interests of fairness, I have to add that I do meow a bit pathetically sometimes, but only when I don't know where everyone is - like if Rachel and Pete go out of the room when I'm in the litter tray. Then I do a meow which may sound pathetic to the untrained ear, but as soon as they call out, I go find them. I don't sit there waiting to be attended to like SOME kitties! Dear me!

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