Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cat Lookalike Part III

I've got another lookalike for you! I had read the Financial Times cover to cover last Friday morning; and was looking for something else to peruse. I would usually go straight onto the Times, but what with all the phone-hacking shenanigans I'm currently reviewing my daily reading material, and haven't yet found a replacement for the News International titles.

So instead I picked up a Metro - it's a free paper - and after leafing through the latest B-list celebrity gossip, what did I see staring back at me on page 17? Mia!!


Oh no, wait, it's a baby Slender Loris, waiting for a health check at London Zoo. Cute! Looks just like our Mia with its big round eyes and stripey nose. I wonder if the zoo would be interested in taking our naughty tortie as a temporary exhibit?!


Oh I'm only joking, don't worry. What would we do without her around the house? Things would be pretty boring I tell you!

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