Sunday, 13 November 2011

Leftovers From Year One

OK, so Lila promised you some nice photos of us - here they are! They never made it to a blog post of their very own, so we figure it's time to clear them out in preparation for a new year of beautiful photos of us *preens*.

Firstly - us out in the garden. We love to hang out on the garden wall keeping a neighbourly eye on things. [nosing at the neighbours, more like - Ed.]. Cats make excellent guard dogs, you know... oh wait, not dogs, you know what I mean...

We'd headbutt intruders to death

Here I am watching TV at Christmastime - I never usually take any notice, but I loved these polar bears!

I want to play in the snow!

Usually when Rachel & Pete clean the house we escape to the garden - don't worry, it doesn't happen very often ;-). This time it was raining outside when they got the hoover out, so we didn't fancy going out, instead we bravely huddled together on this chair ...

We don't usually sit as close together as this...

Me hiding under the cupboard in the study. I probably can't fit there anymore...

Who's tail is that?

  Ahh look at pretty Lila! She's very playful sometimes, you know. But what's happened to her ear?


Out in the garden again, and double decker kitties! The best thing to do in the wheelbarrow is to roll around in the dirt in it. And then go inside and roll around on the carpet.

Mia it's your turn to push me now...

We do try to be helpful when Rachel is working hard on the business side of Mog's Togs. Look, I've filed myself away for future reference.

Should I be in C for cat or F for feline?

We hope you've enjoyed our posts over the last year!!! Don't worry, we've got no plans to stop. If you're new to our blog, why not have a look at our older adventures, there's a list over there on the right hand side.


  1. Are your cats friendly with each other? Mine would never ever sit as close as Mia & Lila. They play together, but they never think of spend any quiet time together...

  2. To be honest there are not many photos of them in close proximity to each other. Like yours they play together but when they sleep they don't curl up together. Having said that, they usually do choose the same room to have a snooze in, but different sofas or opposite sides of the bed! They sometimes lick each other but it always turns into a wrestling match!