Thursday, 24 November 2011

Helping! (Part II)

Rachel has been ever so busy recently, you probably noticed, as she hasn't blogged for a while... She is writing up her PhD, whatever that means. She was trying to think of a title for this PhD thing, we suggested "How Many Kitties Do I Need And How Cute Are They?", she frowned but said she'd add it to the list of possibles...

As well as being ever so busy at work and having to stay there late, she also has been pretty busy with Mog's Togs. Apparently we were featured in an Etsy Finds email last week and since then lots of people have realised how amazing we are and bought collars for their cats from us, yay!! So she's been sewing away to finish all the orders that have been coming in, and we have tried to be as helpful as possible. I thought it would be helpful if I scrabbled around on the shelving unit and knocked things off, and then when Rachel didn't seem too impressed with that, I tried to pounce off the DVD tower onto the printer. Lila had other ideas though, I think she was on the right track as she didn't get told to go downstairs and bug Pete instead...

Gosh this is a huge mess isn't it... Do you want me to do some tidying?!

Do you need an extra paw?

I'm always here for moral support!


  1. Awww, that third picture is sooo cute!

  2. how sweeeeet... my Old Girl Sadie used to tap the top of my pen when I was writing my homework! (showing my age there... writing with a PEN!)... :D

  3. Well done for getting featured in Etsy finds, that's great news. Oh how helpful you are being, Leo does like to lie all over any work I spread out on the table to help with it too but it sounds like you have taken it to the next level with all the pouncing and shelf reorganising you're busy doing as well. Leo and Monty recommend helping by shredding the bases of any cardboard boxes you find lying around, as this makes very pretty shredded-cardboard-bits to decorate the room with and chew later. xx