Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway!

To celebrate our first anniversary of blogging and a year of Mog's Togs too, we are having a little giveaway!

The prize is a lovely collection of bits and bobs for feline and owner alike. For your cat: firstly, a cat collar of your choice... which will you choose? We've put a few ideas below for you, and we will be on hand to provide feline fashion advice if you require it (or check out this post)!

Two catnip mice toys made by Rachel's fair hand from upcycled fabric and remnants from collar making. These are carefully sewn to keep them in one piece for as long as possible, and each contains a heaping teaspoon of the good stuff to drive your cat crazy!

The one on the left is Edith, and on the right is Reginald.

For the human... A sheet of cute cat stickers, a cat craft punch, and a fabulous "Beautiful Cats" set of playing cards! It's true, they were purchased at the local bric-a-brac store, but they appear to be unopened and intact. There's a different photo of a Beautiful Cat on every single card!! THAT'S 54 ADORABLE MOGGIES!

Ooh, with these exquisite cat goodies you are really spoiling us..
So, I hear you ask, how can I enter to win this cornucopia of goodies? It's pretty easy, you just need to leave us a comment on this blog post, either letting us know what your favourite blog post has been over the past year, or which collar you would pick if you won (have a look at our shop for that). The winner will be chosen at random from all entries received before midnight GMT on Thursday 10th November. The giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!


PS - Please make sure there's a way I can contact you if you aren't commenting from a Blogger account - a twitter name, facebook page, etc (or your name if we know you from a previous Mog's Togs order). As a last resort you can email your email address to, or just make sure you check back on Friday 11th to see who the winner was!


  1. Would love a blue skull and crossbones collar for my rebel kitten Conan, love mog togs collars!
    Carys Peet

  2. I'd love a tattoo collar, think its the one I like most that we haven't had yet!!

    and Laz, Simpkin, Smeagol, Ted and Bundy!

  3. I'd love to win a pink bumble bee collar for my friends cat, Stolen Cat :)

  4. All of your posts are my favourite! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I love reading all of your posts and the photos, the Halloween one was my favourite it was hilarious. Great giveaway.

  6. My favourite post was your one of The Prime Ministers Cat wearing one of your collars! I was SO PROUD of my friend!

  7. It would have to be the incredible Union Jack Collar, although it's hard to choose as they are all beautiful! But how punk rock!

    Whether I win or not, your shop has to be one of my favourites on Folksy, I react to your collars the way women sometimes react to baby shoes- cat broodiness!

    Hang on, the Prime Minister's cat has one of your collars? That I have to see!

  8. BTW, The photo of Larry with his Mog's Togs collar is here...
    Think that was the highlight of the year for me!!

  9. Hmmmmm cat nip...need cat nip

    I love the Red Swirl one
    Not just for Christmas, perfect all year round!

  10. What a great giveaway!I really love the Candycane Christmas Collar. Since we don't celebrate Christmas here, it will be pretty cool for Roxy to have a cute Christmas collar! :)

  11. Happy Anniversary! :o) I love this collar the best as it would be perfect for our new kitten Cami (real name First Lt. Cami of the 5th regiment Flufficus) as it would go with the tag I've had made for her :o) lovely little giveaway, whoever wins will be very lucky indeed!


    Kokokelli (Folksy)

  12. I think the best Blogs were the Scrabble ones - Lila Clever, and Mia Silly ... Made me smile. I also really laughed at the 'Mia meowing on the bin outside the window when you were sewing' one, and you had to remind her how to use the catflap ... Tee hee!

    Which collar? Soooo hard as they are all so lovely. Probably be the Navy Blossom one for M'Aud as a special treat for Spring. Can't wait for Robertson's Jolly Holly to come as he is going look extra EXTRA handsome in it. May have do an early start to Christmas to maximise! xx

  13. Oh - and I did really love the Evil Whisker!!!

  14. Sunny Days of Spring is my favourite blog post, and the Groovy Teal collar is my favourite collar... Must be flower power :-)

    @cooperscats xxx

  15. What a fantastic giveaway!!
    I would have to choose the twinkle lights collar as it'd be a great present for Sisco!

  16. I can't go past your adorable Candycane Christmas collar! And I know who exactly would look great in it. :-)

  17. Happy anniversary! :D What a wonderful year it's been ^_^

    My little gay cat Taz (genuinely gay - he loves the neighbours cat, Tom, but unfortunately Tom is a straight kitty... poor little Tazzy :( ) would simply LOVE a Twinkle Lights Christmas collar for the cold winter months ahead. He likes to fit into the time of year, you see. Fashion conscious and all that ;)

    My favourite blog would definitely have to be the Halloween blog. The spider outfit was FABULOUS! Taz wanted one himself after me showing him :D

    Here's my gorgeous little man, Tazington Pilbury Dwain... Or Taz for short ;)

    Great giveaway!

  18. I LOVED the blog about bob the scarf wearing, big issue selling kitty! I'd met him myself recently in covent garden which I was ridiculously excited about so seeing him feature in mia & lilas blog was a treat! :) keep up the good work mogs togs! x

  19. A very happy blogiversary to you!

    Molly loves her colourful stripy Mogs Togs collar so would love to win another one, she particular liked the personalised pink name collar in your shop but I had to point out that you'd sold out of those, and that she would look pretty in the Navy Blossom collar instead. Is that a new one?

    Soo many of the posts on your blog have had me in stitches but theres one particular post I remember about you and Lila being upstairs in the sewing room with a video of Mia meowing on top of the dustbin because she was feeling left out and couldn't climb up! And also with them both playing with the hose in the garden... funny!

  20. I love to read what the girls have been getting up to.. and long for when I have a couple of girls (or boys) myself...

    My favourite post of all time has to be the first one I ever read when I first came across Mog Togs!... and Get My Drift is my fav post...

    If I was lucky enough to win, my Mum & Dad's cat Molly.. who likes to sleep on her face.. would have one special bumper big Christmas present to unwrap.. when she can be bothered to wake her lazy bones up.... :)

    Love to you and the Girls!

  21. The "Pathetic Halloween" post made me crack up XD Poor disappointed kitties!

    I'd love the gold stars collar for my Shayera...the only question would be how long she'd keep it on?? Our Kane already has the red rockstar collar and it looks fabuloous on her :D


  22. The giveaway is now closed... winner to be announced later! Thanks!