Friday, 23 December 2011

Ay Carumba

Our good buddy, Rachel's brother Peter, has been travelling around North and South America since July. We missed him a lot, as he often came around to visit us and sometimes looked after us when Rachel and Pete went away. He sent us quite a few postcards while he was away which was nice, and emailed photos of the cats he met on his travels, which made us a bit jealous :-(

Anyway, this week he came back to the UK, just in time for Christmas. He came to see us straight off his flight from Mexico, and we think he was pretty pleased to see us. We hardly recognised him though as he had some kind of strange hairy growth on his face... we didn't mind much though, because he brought us presents! Typically Lila refused to play ball but I LOVE my new sombrero! I feel a bit like Puss In Boots, time for some swashbuckling!

Isn't it a pretty hat...

I tried on the green one too.

But I wasn't quite as sure about that one.

Geddit off me!!

But then, Rachel said that this the last blog before Christmas, probably, and a sombrero wasn't really very Christmassy. So she put this silly hat on me and I was sad :-( The sombreros are WAY better!

I'm so depressed.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!!

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