Thursday, 8 December 2011

Helping (Part III)

Well, Rachel is still very busy - I don't think she's EVER gone so long without helping us blog! She's so busy that we haven't even got our Christmas collars yet. We're trying not to be annoying about it, but when we see all the collars being sent out to other cats, we do get a bit jealous! Already some of the ones that we liked the look of have sold out. Oh well, at least we've got an advent calendar!

Mia, that's CHEATING!!

So anyway, after Mia saw how good I was at being kind and supportive to Rachel the other week, she thought she would try a bit better to be a help rather than a hindrance. She was looking out for the perfect opportunity, and it finally came at the weekend when Rachel had been hunched over the sewing machine all day. She said she was so achey and sore and all she really wanted was for someone to run a bath for her so she could have a lovely soak.

Mia's eyes went all big and she said to me - now's my chance to be helpful! I wasn't sure how exactly she would accomplish this, seeing as she doesn't have any thumbs to turn the taps on, but she was insistent that she'd be really good at running the bath. Off she went, and sure enough, there came a noise from the bathroom. First I thought it was the pipes... but then realised it was something else. Rachel and Pete came to see what all the noise was and this is what we found.  Mia running the bath...

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  1. Leo and Monty hightly recommend chasing ping pong balls in the bath, they make a great bouncy noise and stay in there for ages, until Monty gets a bit too excited and the ball escapes down the stairs. They have lost 7 out of 8 balls I bought only about 3 weeks ago, now I have to get down on hands and knees with a torch and look under cupboards for them all. Leo also likes sleeping in the bath, but then he is a bit odd. xx