Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Prepurrations

Hooray! We've got our Christmas collars at last, yay yay yay!!

I've got a super cool pink snowflakes one, and Lila has a merry Christmas one. We did have our eyes on the Snowman and Reindeer collars, but they sold out! Boo!

It's not only us getting decorated for Christmas - Rachel has at last had some time away from the sewing machine to put some lights up:

Hm, these aren't energy saving. Won't somebody please think of the electricity bill?!

We don't have a giant tree in the house this year, which is a shame, as I had lots of fun with it last year. But there are still quite a few of the fun dangly round things to bat around the floor, although I was a bit wary of this Christmas pudding one...

Does anyone actually like Christmas pudding?

And last but most DEFINITELY not least, our stockings are up!! omg, they've even got our names on!! We're trying to think of what we'd like to find in them from Santa Claws on Christmas morning... I'm thinking,  a new mouse toy to play with, some more of the catnip drops from the Advent calendar, and a new scratching post, as ours is looking decidedly wonky. Lila wants a copy of The Economist Review of the Year and an iPad. I think I've got a better chance of getting my wishes, if I'm honest...

I'm sooooo excited!!!!! Are you?!

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