Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Festive Relaxations

Boo, the holidays are over :-( Did you have a good Christmas? We did!

We were in the cat hotel for a few days - we had so much fun that Mia didn't want to leave, she clung on with her claws when Pete tried to put her in the carrier! Then we got lots of time at home with Rach and Pete and best of all, with our Christmas present. We had been expecting a new scratching post for Christmas, as ours was looking a bit the worse for wear...

Anyone got a spirit level handy?

But clever old Rach took the wobbly bottom off (perhaps she can do the same for herself after all those Christmas chocolates...), and then flipped the whole thing over, so it's (almost) as good as new. And best of all, it still smells Just Right.

So with that problem solved, we turned to our next most pressing problem. Just how DO you get comfy while staying as close to the radiator as humanly (felinely?) possible?

Well, my butt is warm, at least...

To solve this perennial problem, I present to you the greatest invention known to catkind, and our Christmas present: the Radiator Bed! We LOVE it and have spent the last week either cuddled up in it, or waiting for it to become free so we can cuddle up in it.

I waited and waited for Mia to get out, surely she must need the loo soon...

In the end I gave up and went for a nap in the cat shelf (which has it's own specially made cat curtains) ... It's really tough being a moggie, sometimes.



  1. Molly sits with her face (when not face planting the ground) pressed against a bare radiator that is on MAX!!! Think Molly might need one of these too!

  2. I give it two weeks, till Rach takes it away, because you guys never spend any time with her anymore, because you're always on the bed!

  3. So true! We were considering getting a second, but no way, we'd never get any attention from them if we did that! The unlucky cat usually still seeks out a warm lap while waiting for the bed to become free...

  4. You both look so comfy snuggled up to the radiator - I've wanted to get radiator beds for ages but they stick out too much for us to fit them anywhere except the hall, and I don't want my cats to be sleeping in the hall, besides which as soon as anyone came in they'd bang the front door into the bed! Leo is at present curling up in my knitting basket on top of my knitting needles, he definitely needs some guidance about what classes as comfy! xx

  5. Ha-ha! This was the final starw! I was talking to the husband about getting one of these for a while, because both our cats hang out by the radiators all winter. After seeing your post, I went and ordered one! It arrived yesterday, but so far, it has only been thoroughly inspected, not used. Fingers crossed!