Sunday, 2 January 2011

Off for some R&R

Yo, Mia here.  Just to let you know, we are off on holiday today!
Well, Rachel and Pete are off skiing, whatever that is, and we are going to the finest cat hotel in all of the county.  I think we have got the better end of the deal, as apparently there's loads of snow where they are going, and I've just about had enough of that cold white stuff.  Why would they want more of it?  We've had enough this winter to last a lifetime!
Our "deluxe" room at the hotel wil be lovely and warm, and we've chosen some of our best toys to take with us and a couple of blankets to remind us of home.  Lila says they're for me really, as I'm only a baby, and will probably cry when we first get there, but I know she'll miss the humans too, even if just for their warm cosy laps.  Rachel says we must behave, and not playfight while we're there, as we'll disturb the other guests.  So that's a bit rubbish.  But, she did say that we would probably get some special food that she won't give us at home, so we had better try and do some exercise, or we'll get all roly poly...
So anyway, we will be back online in about a week or so (really, how deluxe is this hotel, if it doesn't have free wifi?!).  Rachel says the Mog's Togs shops are shut until the 9th January, as she won't be able to post any collars while she's whizzing down the slopes, but there is something to look forward to when she gets back - she's ordered some exciting new ribbons for the 2011 Mog's Togs Ready To Wear Spring Collection - tres chic!

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