Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cat Lookalike Part I

Hello there, how the devil are you?  We're pretty good here.  It seems like perhaps, just perhaps, the days are starting to get a bit longer.  Our cat flap only opens when it's light, and you know what - it's definitely opening a little earlier, and staying open later, than it used to.  Hopefully it won't be too long until it's open before Rachel and Pete get up in the morning - I like to do a quick reconnaissance around the garden before they wake up, just to make sure everything's shipshape.  Once we're able to go out during the evenings, I'll get Rachel and Pete to take some photos of us in the garden.  In the meantime...
We were looking through some photos from December and found one of me half-asleep on Rachel's lap, and I realised, classic lookalike for a famous Star Wars character I am... What do you think?!
Unfortunately, as I was looking for a decent photo for my photoshop mockup, I discovered that there are actually quite a lot of cats out there that resemble Yoda, and I have to admit, some of them do look more like him than I do.  Who'd have thought it?!  Looks like I need another lookalike.  And I think I should find one for Mia too - hopefully I'll get back to you later in the week on that.  Any ideas?

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