Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mitten Kittens

Looky here!  I've got babies!  This one is Fluffy, and this other one is Bob.  You can tell them apart because Bob is a bit more grey than Fluffy.  They first appeared just before Christmas - I found them on the shoe rack near the front door, right in a cold draught!  Poor things.  I thought that Lila should really have taken charge of them, seeing as she's had at least one litter of her own, but she didn't care about them AT ALL!  So it has fallen to me to look after them *sigh*.
Rachel is very helpful and looks after them during the day, and when she gets home after work she leaves them somewhere for me to take over - sometimes I find them in her handbag, sometimes in her coat pocket, sometimes on the sofa.  Once I've found them I gently pick them up in my mouth and take them one at a time to a safe corner.  Then I guard them and make sure they are happy and warm.  Sometimes I have to move them if Lila comes over and makes fun of me.
It's hard work, but somebody's got to do it.  I dread to think what would happen to little Fluffy and Bob if I wasn't here, they are so small and helpless!  Right must go, I think they need grooming. A mother's work is never done!

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